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SKU: 02723

15' x 24' Inflatable Backyard Ice Rink

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Make your backyard the most visited backyard during those winter months. Large enough for two - five children to skate like pros, kids will have hours of fun skating around this spacious ice rink! Just inflate, fill with water and wait for it to freeze. Flood, let freeze, skate and refill as needed. Skates may puncture the sides as the structure is meant to assist the holding of water while turning to ice. This product is intended for single season use.

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15 x 24 ft backyard ice rink

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UPC 695742027233
Ground Only No
Gender Male or Female
Setup Time Must wait to freeze. Depends on outdoor temperature. Layer Ice layers.
Required Water Depth Flood 3-6 inches. Flood, freeze, flood, freeze, etc.
Number of Users 4
Size 25 Foot Diameter
Details • Recommeded water depth 5"-6" •Recommended Ages 4-12 • Inflated Size 288 x 180 x 6 (731cm x 457.2cm x15.24cm)• Max people at one time 4
Product Weight 23.5
Included • includes 4 stem valves and 4 HI-408 water fill/drain valve and 2 three inch clear self adhesive
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 27 lbs

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Practice Hockey or Ice Skating in your own backyard with our largest easy fill and let sit Ice Rink design to help you layout and form your own Ice Rink.