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SKU: 00201

Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 Northwood's

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The Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 is compatible with the Aqua Launch, Large Aqua Slide and Large Aqua Log attachments.

The 20' Aqua Jump Eclipse Northwood's water trampoline features:

  • 124 sq. ft. jump surface
  • 18'11" x 36" (577cm x 91cm) inflated
  • Commercial grade, reinforced construction
  • 3 adults or 6 children (1050 lbs./476 Kg max weight)
  • 185 lbs. (84 Kg) product weight
  • 40-50 min. set-up
  • 10' (3 M) water depth required
  • 75-125 lbs. (34- 57 Kg) recommended anchor weight*
  • 5 step ladder included
  • 112 (7-1/2") springs
  • 14 alternating panels
  • Northwood's green and tan colors
  • Includes RAVE High Speed Inflator/Deflator and Anchor Connector Kit
  • Available attachments include Aqua SlideAqua LogAqua LaunchRope SwingSlidewalk; Walk the Plank, Whoosh 15'Water Whoosh 20'

*Anchor weight recommendations depend on your lake bottom and conditions. 

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Aqua Jump Eclipse 20' Northwood's Water Trampoline

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UPC 695742002018
Gender Male or Female
Setup Time 30-45 minutes
Required Water Depth 10' (3 M)
Jump Surface 124 sq. ft.
Number of Users 6+
Anchor Weight Anchor weight depends on your lake bottom and conditions. We recommend a minimum of 125 lbs. depending on these conditions.
Ladder 5 step
Panels 14
Warranty Limited lifetime
Size 20 Foot Diameter
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 200 lbs

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Get some serious summer fun for the whole family with the one-of-a-kind RAVE Aqua Jump Eclipse 20' Northwood's color water trampoline!