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  • Top Christmas Gift Ideas to RAVE About

    Top Gift Guide for Everyone from Extreme Water Sports to Lounging Relaxation.

    RAVE Sports Top Gifts 2017 RAVE Sports Top Gifts 2017

    As holiday wish lists grow, there’s nothing better than finding that perfect gift for someone special. Whether your water season is short or you're lucky enough to have swimming weather year round, this is the perfect time to check out our exciting online selection of trampolines, bouncers, stand up paddle boards, towables, pool floats, skis; the list goes on! There’s something for everyone here at RAVE Sports, whether you’re taking the next step into building your own water trampoline park, looking for new ways to paddle around the water, or finding a fresh way to float and relax, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve gathered a list of our top products perfect for gift giving or sharing with the family.

    Bongo 10’ Water Bouncer

    Bongo 10 Bouncer Bongo 10 Bouncer

    Make this holiday a splash with a wonderful water bouncer for the kids! Bouncers make a great gift for the kids to play on all day. The Bongo 10’ Bouncer provides a fun jump surface for 2-3 children to bounce, laugh and play all day on the water. Its simple design is easy to set up and take down. Kids are sure to love having their own Bongo to bounce on! Shop all Bongos/Bouncers >>

    Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 Water Trampoline

    Aqua Jump 150 Water Trampoline Aqua Jump 150 Water Trampoline

    For a little more extreme fun on the water, the Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 offers a large 15 ft. spring enhanced jump surface which allows for higher jumps and bouncing. With our unique, patented design, the Aqua Jump Eclipse is a snap to assemble and in no time you will have endless days of fun out on the water. Perfect for everyone from rowdy teens to a party of toddlers. And if the trampoline isn’t enough, we offer attachments such as the Aqua Launch, Aqua Log, and Aqua Slide which all attach to form a complete waterpark for even more excitement! Shop all Water Trampolines >>

    O-Zone XL Water Bouncer

    O-Zone XL bouncer O-Zone XL bouncer

    Let the little ones join in the fun with an O-Zone XL, featuring a low-profile, easy to use boarding platform that allows young children easy access to a sprawling 9’ jump surface that will put a smile on any child’s face. The O-Zone XL Plus comes with a super slick slide to add even more excitement to the mix! Shop all O-Zone Water Bouncers >>

    Splash Zone 16’ Water Park

    Splash Zone 16' Splash Zone 16'

    If the O-Zone isn’t quite big enough and you’re looking for an even more exciting experience, the Splash Zone 16’ may be just what you’re looking for. Providing an all inclusive waterpark feel, the Splash Zone 16’ comes with a massive 16’ bouncer along with an attachable slide, log, and boarding platform that will bring the whole family together for fun times out on the water. Recommended for children ages 6+, this waterpark is a perfect fit for every child plenty of friends. Shop all Splash Zones >>

    Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Boards

    Cruiser SUPs Cruiser SUPs

    If you’re looking to explore on the water, our line of Cruiser Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) is an amazing way to relax and soak in the sun or get a core workout. Friendly to all experience levels, the Cruiser’s design provides and incredibly stable platform while still allowing riders to glide through the water with ease. Available in a wide variety of colors (2 new colors for 2017!), this Stand Up Paddleboard also comes in two separate sizes making it perfect to mix and match for the whole family. Shop all SUPs >>

    Glide PolyCarbon SUP Paddle

    Glide SUP Paddle Glide SUP Paddle

    Along with our quality SUP boards we have paddles designed for all types of riders. The Glide PolyCarbon Paddle stands out as a great all-around paddle that is comfortable, adjustable, high quality and weighs only 4 lbs. Let everyone in the family enjoy the open water with this competitively priced, perfect fit paddle. Shop all SUP Paddles >>

    LED Glow Tube 

    LED Glow Tube Glow Tube

    When the sun goes down, do you pack up for the day? No way! With our new Glow Tube, you won’t have to let the fun stop when the sun begins to set. Perfect for pools, the innovative Glow Tube features five colors that glow bright or transition colors with a strobe effect to keep the fun going all night long. A perfect gift for those waterborne night owls!  Shop all Pool Floats >>

    Water Whoosh Aqua Air Mat

    10' Water Whoosh Aqua Air Mat 10' Water Whoosh Aqua Air Mat

    Walk on water with our endlessly fun, extremely durable Water Whoosh inflatable air mat. The Water Whoosh 10 ft is a fun, easy to use floating surface that can be bounced on, ran across, or even used as a slip n' slide surface in the water. Capable of holding up to eight children, the Water Whoosh can also be transported with ease, folding down small enough to fit under a pontoon seat to always have it at hand. Comes with a pump to inflate anywhere in just minutes! Shop all Water Whoosh Air Mats >>

    Pure Combo Adult Water Skis

    Pure Combo Water Skis Pure Combo Water Skis

    If you’re looking for a gift more oriented to high speed thrill seekers, we’ve got the perfect thing! The Pure Combo Water Skis are great all around skis for any style of riding. The skis come equipped with soft, comfortable bindings that remain stiff for ultimate ankle support. Shop all Skis >>

    Jr. Wakeboard Starter Kit

    Wakeboard Starter Package Wakeboard Starter Package

    For a gift idea for someone who wants to give wakeboarding a try, our Jr. Wakeboard Starter Kit will have them up and smiling in no time. The wakeboard is incredibly durable and extremely forgiving for new riders, and with the included easy to use Aqua Buddy Trainer, beginners will be confident with the stability of this sitting platform to help get up and stay up their first try.  Shop all Wakeboards >>

    Iceberg 7’ Climbing Mountain

    Iceberg Climb Mountain Iceberg Climb Mountain

    If you’re looking for an exciting challenge for the whole family, the Iceberg 7’ is just the right thing! This 7’ tall mountain of fun features dozens of unique handle positions to climb all over and a super slick slide that brings fast thrills. The Iceberg is a perfect combination of fun and fitness, add an extra challenge by having the kids play King of the Mountain! Shop all Large Water Fun & Games >>

    Floating Ahh-Qua Bar

    Floating Ahh Qua Bar Floating Ahh Qua Bar

    If you’d rather sit back and relax while soaking up conversation in the sun, the Ahh-Qua Bar allows you and up to three other friends to do just that. Perfect for parties, the Ahh-Qua Bar is a great way to relax in the water. Take a seat after a long day of swimming, sit back, and enjoy a refreshing drink at the Ahh-Qua Bar. Shop all Pool Floats >>

    Serenity Pool Float

    Serenity Pool Float Serenity Pool Float

    For an even more relaxed approach to the pool or shoreline, the Serenity Pool Float is a great fit for those who just want to lie around and soak up the sun. Designed to cushion your whole body while still allowing water to flow around you, the Serenity Pool Float is like a cloud on water and a perfect place to spend every afternoon. Shop all Pool Floats >>

    EZ Set Backyard Ice Rink

    EZ Set Ice Rink EZ Set Ice Rink

    If you’d rather not wait until the snow stops falling and the frost melts away, the EZ Set Ice Rink will turn your backyard into the most visited this winter. Perfect for any hockey players or inline skaters, the EZ Set Ice Rink is expansive and easy to set up. With its unique side support brackets, the Ice Rink is a snap to put together and can have its side walls laid down to prevent trips and falls while in use. Flood. Freeze. Flood. Freeze. Skate! Shop all Ice Rinks >>

    SHREDZ Snow Sled

    SHREDZ Steerable Snow Sled SHREDZ Steerable Snow Sled


    Or if they want to hit the hills for the exhilarating thrill of sledding, the all new SHREDZ Sled is an innovative inflatable snow sled with super slick runners and a U-shaped design for easy steering and safety. Light weight and easy to take anywhere, your children will be having a blast steering themselves around on an insanely fun SHREDZ Sled! Shop all Winter Sports >>


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    No matter what gifts you choose to get your friends or family, you will no doubt find satisfaction in the high quality and exceptional products of RAVE Sports. Our dedication to fun motivates us to continually strive for better and more innovative recreational products. This Christmas, put a smile on someone’s face by giving them the gift of happiness through one of our many wonderful and exciting products. We guarantee you’ll be smiling for years to come with our promise of providing only the best products for watersports fun and excitement. Pick your favorite gift now in time for the holidays!

    At RAVE Sports, we’ve been pioneers in the watersports industry for decades. We’ve been at the forefront of the industry by being the first company to develop water based trampolines and bouncers and continue our progress by developing new and exciting products. We are proud to provide our customers high quality, long lasting watersports equipment that is instantly recognizable and highly regarded. With decades of experience in the industry, we promise to provide only the best and most exciting products to our customers, and as our catalog grows, we continue to provide more innovative and fresh new products for both consumer and commercial use.

  • Looking for things to do on the 4th of July? You'll love this ...

    It’s hard to beat the 4th of July for sheer fun --- no other holiday packs fireworks, ice cream, warm weather, and family time all into one day! But sometimes it’s difficult to keep all family members entertained for a whole day together, so we thought we’d share our best ideas of things to do on the 4th of July (on the water, of course):

    Enjoy the sunrise from a new point of view: Summer sunrises are usually spectacular from any viewpoint, but we especially enjoy them from the top of the water on a stand up paddle board. It’s your chance to catch some peace and quiet before the mayhem of the day begins (and to burn some calories to justify ice cream later in the day).

    Use water sports to build bonds and memories:  Few activities bridge the generation gap better than jumping on a water trampoline together,  seeing who can last the longest in the boat tube, or just hangin’ out playing games on the shore --- water volleyball, anyone?

    Explore new water: Be explorers for an afternoon on a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board and check out a new river, lake, or ocean bay. To really get into the spirit of the day, wear something red, white, and blue while you’re exploring.

    Lounge around in a float: It’s your day off from work, so relax! Grab a few pool / lake floats, find a calm spot in the sun, and chill out.

    Create a water gun competition: Be sure to bring along a bunch of water guns or water blasters / soakers, depending upon the ages of your family members and their risk-taking appetite, and spend the afternoon in a “friendly” competition --- on shore, on a water trampoline or bouncer, or on a boat.

    Watch fireworks from a boat or the end of a dock / pier: End the day back on the water to watch surrounding fireworks from the vantage point of a boat or from the end of a dock or pier. This gives you twice the fun, as this way you can enjoy the reflections of the fireworks on the water too.

    No matter what your family’s activities are this 4th of July, we hope our RAVE friends have a fun (and safe) holiday!

  • Teaching Children How to Water Ski

    For a child, being pulled behind a moving motorized boat while learning to balance on skis and hang on to a tow rope may be very frightening. However, the excitement of mastering a new skill --- especially one as thrilling as water skiing --- can be the highlight of a child’s summer, as well as the beginning of a life-long love affair with water sports and boating.  With some careful coaching and training tools, you can teach your children how to water ski with confidence and end the session with smiles and great videos for social media posts!

    Start on land: When your child is ready to learn to water ski, practice first on land. Instruct your child to always wear a life vest when participating in water sports, and make sure their vest fits properly. Use trainer water skis that are short and wide and that include a stabilizer bar that keeps the skis parallel at shoulder width. It’s also best to use a two-handle starter tow rope so an adult can pull and release the rope from the boat --- beginners often forget to let go of the tow rope and can get dragged under the water.

    While on land, instruct the child how to put on their life vest and skis and then pull the skier around in your yard with the tow rope so they can learn to balance while being pulled. Teach the skier how to balance with weight on his or her toes (balls) of the foot.

    Next, move to shallow water: After some land practice, move to shallow water. Put one adult on shore with the other end of the tow rope and another adult in the water with the skier. This adult should instruct the skier while he / she becomes accustomed to the starting position of floating with knees bent, holding the ski tips parallel and above water, holding the rope handle and making sure the rope is between the ski tips.

    At this point in training, you may want to use a RAVE Sports Aqua Buddy Ski / Wakeboard Trainer, which is a catamaran-style inflatable chair designed for this purpose. A deep-water start can be very intimidating for beginner skiers, but this floating trainer allows the skier to start above the water, eliminating the physical exertion and balance struggles of deep water starts. For additional training assistance, attach our Ski Buds inflatable air bladders to the ski tips to ensure the tips stay above water.

    The adult in the water should assist the skier with sitting in the Aqua Buddy, then stand behind the Aqua Buddy to hold onto it, instructing the child to yell at the adult on shore when they are ready, and then the adult on shore must run away from shore while pulling the skier to shore. When the child feels the rope pull, instruct him / her to pull the tail end of the skis up towards his / her bottom to stand up and to keep his / her arms straight. The adult in the water should let go of the Aqua Buddy and let the skier float away. After a few practice runs like this, the skier will be ready for a deep water start.

    Move to deeper water: Before the skier leaves the boat, discuss hand signals to communicate with the adults in the boat (for example: thumb up for “faster”, thumb down for “slower”, hand slash across throat for “stop”, index finger pointed up and around in a circle for “turn around”, and pat top of head for “go back to shore”) and assure the skier that they are always in control.

    It’s best to put the water skis on before climbing onto the Aqua Buddy. From the boat, young skiers can be lifted and set into the Aqua Buddy seat, while bigger children can hop on from a rear swim platform. Otherwise, skiers in the water can pull up onto the seat using the Aqua Buddy’s handles.

    Once seated, hand the tow rope handle to the skier and when the skier instructs the boat driver that he / she is ready, slowly move forward and remove any slack in the tow rope. A second adult should be in the boat to act as the driver’s eyes and to hang on and release the other end of the tow rope when the skier falls or is done skiing. Ensure that the boat, rope, and skier are in a straight line and are all facing the same direction. The tow rope should be between the skis, the skiers knees should be bent, and the ski tips should be parallel and out of the water.

    When the skier is ready (for example, she yells “hit it!”), the boat driver should pull ahead slowly for a few feet to get the Aqua Buddy and the skier moving, then accelerate quickly, but maintain a level speed at a speed appropriate for the size of the skier (15-25 mph). The skier should keep their knees bent, but stand up rather quickly after the boat accelerates when he / she can feel the pressure under the skis is able to support their weight. Continued dragging will make it more difficult for the skier to keep their skis straight. After the skier stands, the Aqua Buddy will simply float on its own, but should be retrieved as soon as possible after the skier has completed his / her ski run.

    Practice makes perfect: After the child has successfully completed several starts and runs, they will probably become comfortable with a deep water start without the Aqua Buddy. With continued practice, young skiers quickly advance in their skill level and confidence, and before too long you’ll see them swerving back and forth in and out of the wake. Remember to let your child be in control and to let you know when he / she is ready for the next step. Your job is to be patient and encouraging, and your reward is witnessing your child take his or her first ski run.

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