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  • Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Recreation Fans

    Give (and Get) Exactly What They (and You) Want

    If you have lake cabin owners, boaters, water sports enthusiasts, hockey players, ice skaters, or snowshoers on your holiday shopping list, we’re making your life easier. We’ve analyzed our most popular products and combined a list of gift suggestions with a range of interests and prices that will make even the most difficult-to-buy-for person on your list happy. And by the way, if you see something on the list that you like, this list can also turn into a wish list. You’re welcome.

    (Note: prices listed are regular retail, but many of these items will be on sale during the holiday season. Watch your inbox for future email announcements about these sales.)

    The Family Classics:

    Water Trampoline - Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 ($2,699)
    This water trampoline started a new industry 20 years ago and remains our best-selling product today for a good reason --- it’s a classic for family water fun that can’t be beat. And it’s a gift that will keep giving for many years; many customers tell us about the second generation of kids using their family’s RAVE trampoline.

    Water Trampolines Water Trampolines

    Water Bouncers - Bongo 15, O-Zone XL Plus, O-Zone XL, O-Zone ($329 - $1,449)
    A water bouncer is best for families who want easier set up, portability, and entertainment for younger kids. And with our wide range of bouncer sizes and models, there’s a bouncer to fit every family and budget. Easy to inflate and set up for hours of active fun!

    Boat TowablesWarrior 2 & Warrior 3, Mambo & Mega Mambo, Frantic & Mass Frantic ($119 - $299)
    Our most popular models for two to four people: The Warrior series is built with seats for a more comfortable ride, while the Mambo and Frantic series are built for speed. The unique wing style of the Mambo series gives an extra lift up and over the boat wake, while the Frantic deck is a classic tubing style.

    Warrior 3 Warrior 3

    Social Circle Lounge ($129)
    Built for up to six adults, the Social Circle float is our most popular pool float and is an excellent gift for those who like to “chill” in a pool or lake. Just add some sunshine and swimsuits, and you’ll have an instant party!

    The Trendiest:

    Crescent Moon Snow Shoes ($159 - $269)
    Our newest product offering, these lightweight innovative snow shoes are the perfect gift for that difficult person on your list who already has everything. Available in two designs, either unique Eva Foam design or with an aircraft grade polished aluminum frame, and tailored to men and women. For a complete package, add boots and hiking sticks.

    Snowshoes Snowshoes

    Inflatable Kayaks – Sea Rebel & Molokai ($259 - $359)
    For the adventurous person on your list, an inflatable kayak is the perfect gift. Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to take just about anywhere. Available in one-person or two-person models.

    Ahh-Qua Bar Float ($49)
    With 12 drink holders, center cooler, and an anchor point on the main float and four separate seats, this float takes chilling off to the next level. Perfect for the adult on your list who still isn’t too grown up for a cool pool toy!

    Lyric Wakeboard with Advantage Boots ($299)
    Wake boarding is one of the trendiest water sports around, and the Lyric or Lyric 2 wakeboard will provide what the water sports lovers on your list want. Constructed of quality materials and designed to provide maximum air and trick control, this wakeboard will keep them happy all summer long. A great value with adjustable boots included in the package.

    Glow Tube Pool Float ($49.99)
    Our newest pool float that combines technology with water fun! A flexible LED multi-color light strip inside with options for constant red, blue, or green lights or a slow transition or strobe / pulse of all colors makes it a disco party in the pool. Uses 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (batteries not includes) that will automatically turn on at dusk and off in daylight.

    For Kids:

    Shredz Sled ($24)
    The world’s ONLY steerable sled! Give this gift to the younger ones on your list, and they will spend hours swishing down the nearest snowy slope or hill. Lightweight, yet durable, it’s easy for even little tikes to haul around.


    Cosmic Slide ($129)
    If your gift list includes kiddos who like to spend warm days in the pool, the answer is the Cosmic Slide. Connect a garden hose to the sprinkler head at the top of the slide, and you’ve got a perfect day in the pool.

    Water Ski / Wakeboard Trainer – Aqua Buddy ($59)
    This patented catamaran-style inflatable water ski / wakeboard trainer allows new skiers to learn a deep-water start without the fear of getting in the water. Let the boat pull the skier while they sit on the Aqua Buddy, then when they are ready all they have to do is stand up!

    Aqua Buddy Aqua Buddy

    Ice Rinks ($49 - $219)
    Always wanted a backyard ice rink for a quick pick-up game of hockey or just some ice skating fun? Make it simple with an inflatable ice rink. Just lay it out flat, inflate the outside edges, add water from a garden hose, and let it freeze. Voila! Instant ice rink.

    Hockey Tarp – Attack Zone ($239)
    Have a hockey player on your list? The perfect gift is our commercial-grade vinyl hockey tarp that will provide practice time at home. Help them elevate their game to the next level, and they’ll be grateful forever!

    Boat towable – Tirade II ($279)
    A sports-car inspired, cockpit style boat towable that is perfect for little ones new to the sport of tubing. Design includes our patented RAVE TailTM that throws water into a rooster tail behind the tube for added excitement and safety.

  • RAVE Sports Celebrates 20 Years!

    Happy 20th Birthday to RAVE Sports!

    We’re celebrating 20 years of water sports innovation this year, which is an achievement that’s worth celebrating! This milestone is causing us to reflect back to 1997 and remember that it was the year that Bill Clinton was inaugurated for his second term, Mike Tyson bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear in a Las Vegas boxing match, the first color photo was printed on the front page of the New York Times, and Microsoft bought a small portion of financially troubled Apple, Inc. after Steve Jobs returned to Apple to turn things around.

    However, in Minnesota, water sports history was being made. Our company was founded in 1997 by a team of entrepreneurs with the mission to create a marketing and distribution platform to take innovative alternative sports products to market. Our various acquisitions included the Aqua Jump water trampoline, which launched us into the inflatable water sports market. Over the last 20 years, our innovation has continued with the addition of a full line of water trampolines and bouncers, accessories, stand-alone inflatable water park structures, and obstacle courses. We’ve continued to make water fun with a pool and social float product line and towables, a full line of stand up paddle boards, and innovative winter sports products. Last year, our product offerings were expanded again to include dock, boat, and boat trailer accessories.

    Although this history of innovation would be enough to make any company proud, we are especially proud when we hear from customers who have become RAVE-ing fans of our well-known blue-and-yellow water trampolines. The quality of our products engineered in the U.S. stands up year after year, and we intend to continue this tradition of quality and innovation for years to come. Thank you for allowing us to serve our customers for 20 years!

  • RAVE Sports Paddle Board 101 for Women: Will I Fall Off?

    SUP for Women: Answers to Your Questions

    Ask any women who has been stand up paddle boarding (SUP) for a while, and she will likely tell you that the sport has many benefits. She will say that SUP is a simple and versatile form of exercise that strengthens core muscles and improves balance, that it is a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors, and that it is a fun new sport to explore and master.

    However, before the first time they took to the water, many women who paddle board today also had questions that may have prevented them from trying the sport. If you find yourself in that situation, here are some answers to the most common questions we hear:

    I don’t want to fall into the water. Is it difficult to balance? If I fall, how will I get back on the board?

    While it may be clique to say this, it’s true --- stand up paddle boarding is much easier than it looks. It helps to start out in shallow water and kneel in your knees for a while to get the feel of the board before standing up and paddling into deep water. Go at a pace that is comfortable for your skill level and keep your focus up and ahead of you, instead of down on your feet. Falling off the board happens less often than most expect, but if it happens, so what? That’s part of the fun and adventurous spirit of SUP. And getting back on your SUP after falling in is also easier than imagined.

    paddle, bag, life vest, transport, license (some states) paddle, bag, life vest, transport, license (some states)

    What equipment do I need and how expensive is it?

    Like any sport, there is a wide range of prices, but unless you plan to get into elite SUP racing, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most boards priced between $700 and $900 will provide the quality in equipment for what most recreational paddlers need. In addition to the board, all you need is a paddle and a life vest if that is required by your state.                                

    What is the fitness benefit?  I don’t want to waste my time.

    SUP is a real workout! You will be burning calories and strengthening your core, but also engaging your whole body while your toes, feet, legs, back, shoulders, arms, and neck work together. Whether you are paddling hard or simply balancing in place, your body is working on balance, strength, and endurance. One of the best things about SUP is that it can be enjoyed by a versatile range of people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

  • RAVE's Backyard Ice Rinks

    All Ice Rinks All Ice Rinks

    December, 2016 – When the mercury drops and it’s time to get out of the water, RAVE Sports still provides plenty of outdoor excitement through our incredible line-up of Inflatable ice rinks. New this season we are proud to present three exciting additions to our winter catalog; the 10 x 13’ Ice Rink, it's larger brother the 15 x 24' Ice Rink and our best seller the 10 x 20' EZ Set Ice Rink 200! Each rink is tool free and easy to assemble, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the ice. Check them out below to see which size will fit your needs best!

    • 12' Oval Ice Rink 12' Oval Ice Rink

      12’ Oval Ice Rink – Our smallest Ice Rink that started us out in the backyard ice rink business. It's perfect as a portable backyard ice rink for bringing beginners to the ice for the first time. Easy to inflate and set up, this Ice Rink is a simple way to turn your backyard into a skating haven. Provides 12 ft of oval space, enough for up to two children to skate for hours of fun. Keep in mind this skating rink is meant for one year use. Shop Now >>

    • EZ Set 200 IceRink EZ Set 200 IceRink

      EZ Set Ice Rink – Our most popular Ice Rink! The EZ Set Ice Rink is 10 ft. x 20 ft. in length and features 8” high side walls with unique support brackets (patent pending) that allow for quick, easy set up that can be pivoted down to allow for open, edgeless ice preventing accidents and damage to the support walls. With the high walls and spacious setup, the EZ Set Ice Rink allows for up to 5 inches of slope over 10 feet, perfect if your backyard isn’t quite level. Shop Now >>

    • 10x13 inflatable Rink 10x13 inflatable Rink

      10’ x 13’ Ice Rink – Great for hockey practice or other recreational skating, our 10 ft  x 13 ft Ice Rink is large enough for two skaters to square off in a game of one on one or practice improving their skating skills with plenty of space. Simply inflate the walls. Flood. freeze. flood. freeze. skate your heart out! Keep in mind, this rink is for one year use. Shop Now >>

    • 15x24 Ice Rink 15x24 Ice Rink

      15’ X 24’ Ice Rink – Expand your fun with our largest Ice Rink yet! The 15 ft x 24 ft Ice Rink is spacious enough for up to five users to have hours of excitement this winter. With easy steps for setup, your backyard will be filled with fun in no time. This skating rink is the larger version of the 10 x 13' and meant for one year use. It's easy to inflate, flood and wait to freeze! Shop Now >>

    All of our Ice Rinks are constructed of extremely temperature tolerant cold crack PVC; our ice rinks are tough and durable, capable of withstanding even the coldest of winters. For extra fun, attach or set up shooting tarps, nets, or side boards. (Additional items not included) Make your backyard the most visited this winter!

  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Demo Events - 2015

    Are you a "try it before you buy it" kind of person? If so, stop by one of our stand up paddleboard demo events in conjunction with our distributors in your area:

    • Saturday, May 16, Joe's Sporting Goods, St. Paul, MN, Lake Gervais, 10 - 4
    • Thursday, May 21, Joe's Sporting Goods, St. Paul, MN, Lake Gervais, 3-7
    • Saturday, May 30, Scheels, Omaha, NE, Youngman Lake, 11-4
    • Sunday, May 31, Scheels, Lincoln, NE, Lake Holmes, 1-5
    • Saturday, June 6, Scheels, Appleton, WI
    • Sunday, June 7, Scheels, Eau Claire, WI, Lake Wissota State Park 1-4
    • Tuesday, June 9, Hoigaards, Minneapolis, MN, Clifton Park, 6-8
    • Saturday, June 13, Scheels, Des Moines, IA
    • Saturday, June 13, Outdoor Ventures/Trails End Resort, Hayward, WI, 11-3
    • Sunday, June 14, Scheels, Okoboji, IA, Arnold Park, 9-12
    • Saturday, June 20, Reed's Family Outdoors, Walker, MN 10-4
    • Sunday, June 21, Reed's Family Outdoors, Walker, MN 11-3
    • Tuesday, June 23, Scheels ,Grand Forks, ND
    •  Saturday, June 27, Scheels, Rochester, MN, Foster Arends Park, 11-3
    •  Saturday, June 27, Anchor Dock and Lift, Annondale, MN, 11-3
    •  Saturday, August 8, Anchor Dock, Lake Sylvia, Annondale, MN 4-8
  • Burn Calories with Water Sports

    Tired of your same old boring workout routine? Perhaps you should mix it up by adding these water sports to your fitness regimen:

    Swimming: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States. Swimming is a great activity for getting aerobic physical activity, and only 2 ½ hours of swimming per week can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. The CDC also reports that swimmers have about half the risk of death when compared to inactive people, and that people can exercise for longer periods without increased effort or joint or muscle pain when they swim as compared to land-based activities. Swimming in the ocean or a lake or river is also calming and rather meditative, which can reduce stress and depression.
    Calories burned: up to 450*

    Water-Skiing & Wakeboarding: Besides the adrenaline rush of hanging onto a tow rope while being pulled behind a boat going 20-30 mph, water skiing and wake boarding tones muscles, improves balance and core strength, and works both upper and lower body muscles. The force of water resistance provides a constant workout of arm, leg, and core muscles.
    Calories burned: about 245*

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP): Newcomers to this new and growing water sport often mistake SUP paddling to be only about arm strength, when in fact it is a great full-body workout. SUP paddling requires upper body strength at the beginning of the reach but as the stroke is pulled through, the whole core body and legs get involved. Plus during the duration of the workout, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles are constantly engaged to maintain balance. SUP paddling builds endurance and balance, which makes 30 minutes on a SUP board equal to running six miles, according to some fitness experts.
    Calories burned: at least 123 and up to 500, depending upon water conditions and intensity of paddling*

    Trampolining: Jumping on a trampoline is an effective low-impact exercise activity that challenges the cardiovascular system and muscles of the legs and core body, and therefore burns significant calories. If you are jumping on a water trampoline, however, the added benefit of safely splashing in the water if you fall off is also nothing to sneeze at.
    Calories burned: about 126 calories for a 150-pound person, according to

    *; all calorie counts are based on a 180-pound person and 30 minutes of exercise

  • Five Reasons Why the Water Trampoline is the Best Invention Ever

    It would be impossible to imagine our lives today without major inventions including the printing press, automobile, electricity, telephone, television, computers, and the internet. These inventions were created to make work easier and faster, to trade goods, or to communicate over long distances. Necessity is the mother of invention, but we think having fun is also a necessity. That's why we simply must add the water trampoline to the list of "best inventions ever". Here are five reasons why:

    1. Fun: The water trampoline combines both fun and functionality. A trampoline on the water lets kids and young-at-heart adults jump like crazy and then if they fall, make a harmless big splash into the water. Hard to imagine anything more fun than that!

    2. Portable: Water trampolines are also portable. Simply bring along a high-speed inflator and a small anchor, and your fun travels along with you on camping trips or visits to grandpa’s cabin.

    3. Fitness: Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent low-impact exercise that burns significant calories. Depending upon the intensity of jumping, trampolining can be an intense cardiovascular workout that helps increase metabolic rate and overall muscle tone. For instance, a 150-pound adult jumping for 30 minutes will burn about 126 calories, depending upon the intensity of the bouncing and the type of jumps performed.

    4. Relaxation: If being on the water means that it’s time to relax, a water trampoline is an excellent option. Simply swim out to the trampoline, climb aboard, lie down, and watch the clouds float by. Being gently rocked by waves and bathed by the sunshine is better than going to the spa any day!

    5. Quality family time: Spending time together on the water bridges the gap between adults and kids, and making that time fun cements it with smiles, laughs, and great memories. Pretty hard to beat that.

    So that’s why we think the water trampoline is the best invention ever. If you still don’t agree, just imagine what Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Edison would look like jumping on a water trampoline and try not to laugh!

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