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RAVE's Water Whoosh Vs. Traditional Foam Mat


RAVE Sports, inventor of the water trampoline, offers the ideal inflatable mat for water fun with none of the drawbacks or hassles of a traditional foam mat.  The RAVE Sports Water Whoosh is made of the same heavy duty reinforced PVC material used on water trampolines with a special commercial grade drop stitch technology to allow for extra rigidity.  No longer do you have to carry a giant foam mat, try unsuccessfully to unroll it or struggle with it rolling up on your kids.  The Water Whoosh inflates in just a few minutes and can be stored easily when not inflated.  Stronger and more durable than foam mats, the Water Whoosh can hold a lot more weight and stays rigid while using it as a swim platform, slip and slide or when you just feel like lounging.  The Water Whoosh is easier to keep clean than a foam mat and doesn’t absorb mold or algae.  You never have to worry about foam pieces breaking off or maneuver around it when you keep it on your boat.  Just deflate it and stick it under a seat.  Choose a 10’, 15’ or 20’ Water Whoosh and start having fun on the water today!

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