Drainman Bilge Pump - Powered by Nature

RAVE Sports is the U.S. distributor of Drainman bilge pump recently named one of Boating Industry’s Top 2021 Products

Now in its eighth year, the Boating Industry Top Products program names 50 of the marine industry’s newest and most innovative products and services to recently hit the market, ranging from boat models to building components and everything in between. In order to be eligible for consideration, products or services had to have been introduced or significantly updated since January 2020. With a multitude of well-qualified products and services submitted for consideration, the Drainman stood out from the other submissions for its impact on the industry and innovation that is truly unique.

The Drainman is “Powered by Nature” so it’s the environmental self-drained bilge pump. The device is propelled with simply the wind and waves, with no battery needed. This product is very easy to install and starts working immediately to empty any standing water in a boat. It can be mounted in the front, back or on the side of the boat or it can be placed between the boat and a dinghy. The Drainman can withstand 1,124 pounds of force (5000 Newton). The pump works around the clock and can pump up to 660 gallons of water every 24 hours. It has a suction length of over 26 ft. and suction height over seven feet. Water is pumped out through the hose placed in the lowest point in the boat.

RAVE Sports is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Drainman bilge pump which is designed and manufactured in Sweden.