How to set up your RAVE Sports backyard ice rink.

Get the most out of your ice rink this winter! Follow below for best practices to set up any RAVE Sports Ice Rink.

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Pitch of Site – Place your ice rink unit on a reasonably level site. A pitch of 4” or less is best to help young skaters learn to skate. The flatter the surface the better.

Condition of Site – Always make sure unit is placed on a flat area free from any sharp objects or rocks for a minimum of 6’ around the ice rink unit.

Structures – Place your unit a minimum of 6’ away from any trees or other structures.
Now (Mid November) before any major snowfall but the air has begun to freeze is the best time to find a flat spot in your yard and start to fill.
With proper air temperatures below freezing (32 degree Fahrenheit), your Ice Rink will start to ice up fairly quickly, but it may be a few days before it is thick enough to use.

We suggest filling any RAVE Ice Rink about a 1/4 inch at a time to avoid air bubbles (Attempting to create thick ice at once will result in trapped air bubbles and a bumpy surface), let it freeze and and fill another 1/4 inch until the ice is about 4 inches thick.

Wearing normal shoes, carefully put your weight onto the ice and walk around. If you do not hear cracking, it is ready to use (ice must be over 1.5 inches to avoid cracking)

NOTE: Do not allow anything but water on the surface of the ice. Items left on the ice will sink down into the ice and create a dangerous and immovable obstacle.

If your ice rink has EZ pop up sides - 8" high side walls accommodates maximum ground slope of 5" over 10ft (3-8" of ice)
Unique, side support brackets can be pivoted down after ice is formed for safety and tipped back up for re-icing
Cuts or damage to side wall material can be easily patched. Allows for many years of use compared to inflatable rink liners. Shop EZ Set Ice Rinks >>

If your ice rink has inflatable sides - The inflatable sides are barriers to keep in water during the freezing process. These are built for 1 season use as they may be punctured by a skate. Shop Inflatable Ice Rinks >>

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