How to Clean Your Trampoline (and Avoid Rookie Mistakes)

If your RAVE Sports water trampoline or bouncer looks like it has seen better days, a little bit of care and elbow grease will make it look like (almost) new again. So before you inflate your trampoline and anchor it in the water for the summer, follow these simple cleaning tips:

  1. Unroll the trampoline or bouncer gently and lay it out flat on top of a tarp on a level surface such as a driveway or yard.
  2. Clean the PVC vinyl completely with a soft sponge and a mild soap or citrus-based cleaner, such as Lemon Joy Liquid Dish Soap, and let dry completely. For stubborn stains and grime, we recommend using Speed Clean, which will remove scuffs, chalking, oil, soot, oxidation, stains, bird droppings, and more without damaging the vinyl.
  3. To protect the vinyl for the season, apply a ultraviolet (UV) protectant such as 303 Aerospace on the top area of the trampoline that is above water. Similarly, to protect the bottom area of the trampoline that is underwater, apply a protectant such as Repelin that protects against the attachment of algae, barnacles, and zebra mussels.

Rookie mistakes to prevent:

  • Never drag your trampoline on the ground, which will create small cuts or holes in the vinyl.
  • Don’t use a power washer, as the high pressure water jet will damage the soft PVC coating on the vinyl tube.
  • Avoid cleaning products with bleach or pumice that will damage the vinyl and create holes, and do not use products that are petroleum based.

When you are not using your water trampoline or bouncer, store it in a covered, shaded area to help protect the product from damaging UV rays. For off-season storage, remove all air from the tube using the deflation port of your high speed inflator / deflator, clean as described above, and let dry completely. Fold opposite sides to the center to form a straight line, fold again to the center, and then fold one half onto the other half. Next, roll the trampoline up tightly as if it was a sleeping bag, and store in a covered container that rodents can’t chew through. Place container in a cool, dry location.

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