RAVE Sports is thrilled to offer the World's Premier Snowshoes. Lighter, faster, easier and more fun!

Lighter. Faster. Easier. Snowshoes.
Snowshoeing is a simple sport and your buying decision should be just as simple. Snowshoes have one purpose- efficient travel over the snow. Since 1992 Northern Lites has been making the World’s Premier brand of snowshoes that allow your mind to focus on your surroundings, not what’s on your feet. At one-half the weight of other aluminum frame or plastic snowshoes, you just can’t imagine how easy snowshoeing can be, it’s a totally new sport when on Northern Lites.


In keeping with this sports simplicity, we offer five sizes, unlike some other companies that offer dozens of models requiring a high tech mathematical equation to choose the right model. We put our efforts into lightweight technologies that allow our snowshoes to excel in a wide range of uses and users. This allows our customers to outfit all members of the family with the exact snowshoe for each individual. All these uses and users will share the same fundamental advantage that Northern Lites are famous for, being incredibly lightweight and durable. Why is weight such a passion at Northern Lites? There are only a few fundamental criteria for snowshoes since they were developed some 12,000 years ago. Snowshoes need to provide floatation on snow and they need to do so with as little added weight as possible. There are secondary criteria such as bindings, traction, and cost, but without floatation or if they weigh too much, the snowshoe is worthless. Maximizing floatation while minimizing weight is no easy task which is why some of the modern aluminum and plastic snowshoes actually weigh more than the wooden models they replaced! This is why Northern Lites has focused on weight since we began. Technologically advanced materials combined with efficient design have yielded an ultra light weight snowshoe brand with premier performance and durability. And all of this Engineered and Manufactured right here in the USA!