Top Ten Gifts for Tots

We’ve made it easy for those who have young children on their holiday gift list who are interested in water sports. Introducing little ones to water activities will be more successful if it’s done with products designed for their size and skill levels, so we’ve picked our top ten products that fit these criteria:

O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer with Slide

This water bouncer with slide attachment will introduce kiddos to jumping, playing, splashing, and swimming on a bouncer that’s sized for them. Parents and grandparents will like the value price and easy set-up and anchoring. That’s like getting a gift for them and for yourself!

Poolside Plunge

Designed for backyard in-ground swimming pools, the new Poolside Plunge is the perfect addition to family time at the pool. Attach a standard garden hose to use the spray feature, and they’ll play all day!

Glow Tube Pool Float

Light up the pool or lake shore with these opaque pool floats with a LED light strip inside the float. Kids love to play alien spaceship or whatever game their imagination takes them to with the Glow Tube!

Warrior X3

The unique seats in the Warrior X3 allow for two children to be seated couch-style with the third child laying prone in the middle. Super family fun for everyone!

Tirade II

With race-car style graphics and comfortable seats, the Tirade II is always a kid favorite. And with our unique RAVE Tail that shoots a “rooster tail” of water behind the tube, kids think this tube is the best!


Kids riding in the two-rider Fastrax boat towable will feel comfortable and confident being towed, then as they get more comfortable with speed it gives a thrilling ride.

Aqua Buddy Water Ski / Wakeboard Trainer

This unique catamaran-style inflatable helps inexperienced skiers or wake boarders get comfortable in deep water. Simply float behind the boat until ready, then stand up. One of our best sellers every year!

Jr. Impact II Wakeboard Starter Package

Everything in one package! The Jr. Impact wakeboard is best for riders under 125 lbs. and includes a wakeboard with bindings and the Aqua Buddy inflatable trainer.

Child Neoprene PFD

A perfect gift for the boating family! The child size neoprene lift vest fits children between 30 – 50 pounds.

Infant Neoprene PFD

Need a unique baby gift? An infant-sized neoprene PFD will be appreciated by the new parents in your family. Fits infants less than 30 pounds.