What's the difference between a Bongo bouncer and the Splash Zone Plus bouncers?

The main difference between the Bongo and the Splash Zone Plus bouncers is the overall construction:

Bounce surface: The Bongo's bounce surface is laced around the perimeter of the tube and can be replaced, while the Splash Zone Plus bounce surface is stitched directly to the tube and is not replaceable.

Material: The Bongo 10' and 13' are constructed of 22 oz. 1000D reinforced PVC; the 15' and 20' Bongos are made with 28 oz. 1000D reinforced PVC. The Splash Zone Plus 12' is constructed of 22 oz. 500D reinforced PVC; the 16' Splash Zone bouncer is 25 oz. 1000D reinforced PVC.

Warranty: The Bongo bouncers include a limited lifetime warranty, while the Splash Zone Plus bouncers have a limited 3 year warranty.

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