When to Send Your Reinforced RAVE Product in for Repair vs. DIY

Most reinforced repairs can be done by you by following the instructions that we outline. For small damages and leaks you can purchase a standard or pre-cut repair kit. However, after inflating and spraying down your product with mild, soapy water to find your leak(s,) and you notice any of the following, we recommend sending your product in.

  • Damage to any attachment point, anchor point(s), or handles
  • Any noticeable holes with missing fabric
  • Too many holes to fix

To send in your product for repair, you must first receive a Return Authorization Number. Without an RAN, we will not be able to accept your repair and it will be shipped back to you. Please contact us at 800-659-0790 or email us to receive your RAN.

Items to note about sending in your repair:

  • When you contact us regarding your repair to receive your RAN, please try to have the Serial Number located near the inflation/deflation valve ready. This will help us determine which product you have and from which year.
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Most UPS Store’s are able to assist with packing and shipping your product.
  • When we receive the unit, we will inspect for any defects that may fall under the product warranty.
  • If we determine that there is a manufacturer’s defect, we will fix or replace your product at no cost.
  • If your product has defects due to what we determine as normal wear and tear, you are responsible for all repair costs.
  • Please refer to the product warranty for more information.

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