Razor XP Boat Towable Tube

SKU: 02642


  • CUT ACROSS THE WATER: The Razor XP boat towable tube is designed for 1 to 3 riders, with a maximum rider weight of 510 lbs. Single riders are also able to take trick tubing to the extreme on the Razor XP. 
  • QUICK CONNECTION: Our Quick Connect tow point makes it ultra easy to attach to your boat's tow rope.
  • COMFORTABLE: Six foam-filled handles set in reinforced neoprene patches to prevent knuckle chafing help riders hold tight. A rear-boarding strap and low profile make it easy for riders to re-board in the water. 
  • DURABLE: Constructed of heavy duty 24 gauge PVC inner bladder, covered with a durable 420D nylon cover top and 600D polyester Skim-Fast™ coated bottom. 
  • TRICK TUBE: Inflated, this towable tube measures 61.5" x 67" x 10". The Skim-Fast™ bottom, lay on top style, and triangular deck tube make this the perfect boat towable for single rider trick tubing. 
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