Splash Zone Plus 16' with Slide and Log

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  • RAVE's Splash Zone Plus is an all in one water bouncer park is a perfect starter model! The 16' Splash Zone Plus contains everything you need to start your very own water park.
  • Commercial grade reinforced construction, 22oz., 500D, Includes bouncer, slide, log and EZ-up boarding platform, 4 point anchor harness with stainless steel swivel
  • 16 ft: 2 adults or 4 children (700 lbs. max weight), Overall dimensions: 26' x 23.5' x 4' inflated, Bouncer: 16' x 36" inflated, Slide: 84" x 35.5" x 50" inflated  Log: 120" x 23" inflated, 2X EZ-Up: 42" x 30" x 10" inflated, Slide and log connected to bouncer tube via PVC tube and hinge system 
  • 2 adults or 4 children (700 lbs./318 kgs) and 10' water depth required
  • 16 ft option weights 126 lbs., Recommended for ages 6+, Limited 3 year warranty
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RAVE Sports Splash Zone Plus includes a 16' diameter water bouncer, a 7' slide, a 10' long log and two EZ-Up boarding platforms. This commercial grade reinforced water park is the best value and quality on the market! Bouncer: 16' x 36"; Slide: 7' x 35.5" x 50"; Log: 10'4" x 23"; and two EZ-Up platforms: 42" x 30" x 10". Recommended for ages 6+. What's the difference between the Bongo bouncer and the Splash Zone Plus? The main difference between the Bongo and the Splash Zone Plus bouncers is the overall construction. The Splash Zone bounce surface is stitched directly to the tube and not replaceable while the Bongo surface is laced around the perimeter of the tube and can be replaced. The Splash Zone Plus 16' model is constructed of 25 oz. 1000D reinforced PVC while the Bongo 15' and 20' are constructed of 28 oz. 1000D reinforced PVC. Lastly, the Splash Zone Plus includes a limited 3 year warranty while the Bongo includes a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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