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SKU: 02703

RAVE EZ Set Ice Rink 200

RAVE's EZ Set Ice Rink comes with a complete kit to make your own 10 x 20 ft backyard ice rink. Make your backyard the most visited during those winter months with the perfect rink for beginners or intermediate hockey or recreational skaters.

  • Sets up quickly and easily
  • 8" high side walls accommodates maximum ground slope of 5" over 10ft (3-8" of ice)
  • Unique, side support brackets can be pivoted down after ice is formed for safety and tipped back up for re-icing
  • Cuts or damage to side wall material can be easily patched. Allows for many years of use compared to inflatable rink liners
  • Add your own hockey nets, shooting tarps, side boards, etc for added fun, training value
  • No tools required.

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RAVE EZ Set Ice Rink 200

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UPC 695742027035
Gender Male or Female
Required Water Depth 3-8"
Warranty Limited 30 day
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 7 lbs
  1. Only Wish I had ordered a larger or additional! Great product. Review by chris from RI

    I review when I can but had to say something for this rink so people would know this thing is the real deal. It works as perfect as I could ask or expect. The rink is well made, it's material is hard yet elastic enough to cover a stick or rock just fine. It's strong enough to pull up with ice in it to correct any balance issues as well. This rink is very easy to balance out using sand if your yard is slanted. I wish I had ordered a bigger one but at the time was unsure of the product. If I could do it again I would go bigger and make it fit as this is a versatile system. I have built rinks before and I won't again as long as these are around in good sizes! There are no expensive 2X10's ect....I could put two together even without much of a notice. Well done! (Posted on 12/19/2017)

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Create your own backyard ice rink!