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SKU: 02336

Fuse with PolyBond DE Line Wakeboard Rope

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The hybrid design of the Fuse Wakeboard Handle with PolyBond DE line provides high performance and zero stretch in a small diameter line. Compare in performance and price to any Spectra or Dyneema wakeboard line!

  • Zero stretch "hybrid" line
  • 75' (22.86 M), 4 section Mainline
  • 15" (30cm) raised diamond grip EVA handle
  • 16 strand UV-treated and pre-stretched
  • 2000 lb. (816 Kg) tensile strength
  • Rope wrap
  • Exceeds WSIA standards
  • Patent pending

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Fuse Wakeboard Handle w/ PolyBond DE Line Wakeboard Rope

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UPC 695742023365
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A revolutionary patent pending "hybrid" wakeboard rope!