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SKU: 1013703

Simple Kayak or Raft Paddle (s)

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This double use kayak or raft paddle can be used as one double sided kayak paddle or 2, one sided paddles. While dual sided, the kayak paddle reaches just over 5 ft. long (may be difficult for a taller person). Or simply keep the paddles in two for extras or back up safety paddles. Made from high density ABS plastic. Can also be used as an emergency paddle. Easy to break down and pack away in your jet ski, boat or other water craft.

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Raft or kayak paddles

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Ground Only No
Setup Time 2 mins
Number of Users 1 to 3
Warranty Limited 30 day
Included 4 connection peices, 2 blades, 2 water stopping rings, 2 threaded length connectors
Length Long
Height 5 ft or 4 ft.
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 6 lbs

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One, 5 ft. Kayak Paddle or two, 4 ft. paddles.