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SKU: 02803

2017 Shoreline SUP (Plum Wine)

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The Shoreline Series is lite, durable and built for longevity at a great price. Designed after our best-selling Cruiser board, it is stable and easy to paddle. The beautiful hand-finished Hexcel fiberglass construction with wood tones is sure to wow. It comes in weighing 28lbs and 10'9" with an ideal user weight under 230lbs.

Modeled after our best-selling Cruiser Series, the Shoreline is designed to provide an easy and affordable entry into stand up paddle boarding. Whether a beginner or an experienced user, the Shoreline makes certain everyone will appreciate its straightforward design.

At 10'9” in length and weighing 28lbs, the Shoreline is perfect for casual lake or flat water paddlers. This light weight design allows the board easy portability and handling. For best results the Shoreline has the capacity to hold anyone up to 230lbs. Each board comes equipped with a standard 10” removable bottom fin, leg leash attachment as well as an easy to use elastic cargo strap to keep your life jacket tied down and accessible


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Plum Wine 02803 front, side and back

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UPC 695742027271
Ground Only No
Number of Users 1
Warranty Limited 1 year
Level Intermediate
Riders 1
Details • (10'9" x 32"x 4'.5") • Ideal Weight Under 230 • Hand finished epoxy resin coat with wood tones • EPS foam core with wooden stringer • 3 layers of Hexcel fiberglass cloth (top) • 2 layers of Hexcel fiberglass cloth (bottom)
Product Weight 28 lbs
Included • Leg leash attachment point on rear center of board • standard removable 10" single bottom fin • Center recessed handle • Single elastic strap with buttons
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 43 lbs

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The new Shoreline Series is a great all-around family friendly paddle board. This SUP is best for paddlers of all ranges from beginners to advanced. The plum wine color base and tropical deck pad bring out the intriguing bamboo wood tones.