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SKU: 02715

Steerable SHREDZ Snow Sled

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RAVE Sports SHREDZ Sled is perfect for zipping through the snow with turning ability created with our innovative U-drive steerable design. Anti-wear pads on the bottom Five additional low profile runners create exceptional tracking on a variety of snow conditions. It's light weight of 3 lbs makes it easy for any age to carry to and from the local snow hill! The easy manuverability makes for a better turn through powdery snow or rougher terrain. The SHREDZ is built with cold resistant technology staying inflated down to -25 degrees. It also includes a nylon rope for towing and has an inflated size of 42.5" x 20" x 7.75". This snow tube takes under 3 mins to inflate.

"I love that the SHREDZ Sled is so well padded for an awesome running start" - Nate Wittenburg (RAVE Customer)

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02715 - SHREDZ Sled Front
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UPC 0695742027158
Ground Only No
Gender Male or Female
Setup Time under 10 minutes
Number of Users 2
Details •2 I -beam baffles consturction • 0.5mm (20ga) 6p PVC + cold resistance to -25c • 16" LG x 5/16" dia. Braided nylon rope • U-DRIVE steer technology
Product Weight 3.5
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 4 lbs

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Steerable snow sled for buttering the snowy slopes.