Five Reasons Why We LOVE Tubing

Pulling a towable behind a speed boat means big splashes, big screams, and big-time fun. Here are our top five reasons why we love tubing:

1) It’s a no-brainer. Tubing doesn’t require any special skills or athletic abilities. Compared to other water sports that require balance, agility and strength, with tubing all you need to do is sit or lay down and hang on.

2) Everyone can do it. No matter if you’re young or old --- or somewhere in between --- you can enjoy water tubing. Young beginners can be pulled at a slow speed that’s right for them, while more adventurous teens and adults will enjoy faster speeds that challenge their ability to stay on the tube. With many tube styles available, there’s something for every speed and ability.

3) It’s a fun way to get some exercise. Tubing gets you outdoors, moving around on a boat, and usually requires some amount of swimming, in addition to the muscle strength used to hang on to the tube. Beats time at an indoor gym any day, in our opinion.

4) It introduces newbies to water sports. Tubing is an excellent way to get introduced to water sports and the experience of being towed behind a boat. Moving up to water skiing, knee boarding, or wakeboarding will be less intimidating if your family members have first experienced tubing.

5) It doesn’t require an electronic screen. Family time nowadays is interrupted too often by phones and devices with electronic screens. If you want to spend some quality family time together without those distractions, take your family tubing!

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