Need a End of Summer Boredom Buster? Try this water slide game!

If your kids are getting bored with their usual summer activities, try mixing things up with this fun water slide game. The object of the game is to get the most points for your team by collecting objects as you slide down the slide. All you need is one or two water slides (a temporary slide made from plastic sheeting or a high-quality RAVE Sports Turbo Chute), small water tubes or RAVE Sports Turbo Sleds, gentle baby shampoo, water hose, and a variety of objects in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large). Objects that hold water are the best, such as Nerf balls, sponges, or Koosh balls, but anything will work. And, of course, you’ll need a bunch of kids (or young-at-heart adults).

Next, lay out the water slide in a safe area free from rocks, sticks or other debris or anything that would hurt or injure the kids such as buildings or fences. The slide should be on top of a soft surface such as grass or sand, and on a slope that is not too steep. Make sure the slide is secured well with garden stakes. If you are using a RAVE Sports Turbo Chute, follow instructions found in the Owner’s Manual for proper safety and setup.

It’s now time to start running some water down the slide through your hose and to spread out the baby shampoo to make it really, really slippery. You’ll need to continually run the hose and add shampoo periodically to keep the slide at its slipperiest. Spread the assortment of objects out on the slide, mixing up the sizes along the length of the slide. Assign point values to each size, for example, give small objects 75 points, medium objects 50 points, large objects 25 points, and extra-large objects only 10 points.

Now it’s time to get started. Divide the kids into two teams. If you have set up two slides, assign each team a slide, or if you have one slide, instruct the teams to take turns. Get ready, get set, go! Instruct the kids to go down the slide one at a time, sliding on water tubes or RAVE Sports Turbo Sleds. As the kids slide and slip down the slide, they must grab as many objects as possible to acquire the most points for their team. Only the items that they are still holding at the end of the slide count --- no points are assigned for touching an object or those items that are dropped. To make the game more difficult, adults can spray the players with water as they slide down the slide or dump buckets of water over them.

The end of summer can be a difficult time for parents to keep their kids from getting bored, but this water slide game will certainly bust that boredom!

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