RAVE Sports Product Repair and Warranty Authorization Process

We have a repair facility at the following location:
RAVE Sports
985 Aldrin Drive, #301
Eagan, MN 55121
651-255-1428 or 651-255-4806

We can often repair products that consist of what is called “Reinforced PVC.” These products have fabric dipped in PVC which provides extraordinary durability and can be patched in many cases. There are also circumstances where a product is still under warranty for manufacturer’s defects such as seam failures, but this is rare. Examples of such products can be seen below:

The most common types of leaks are from dragging the products on the ground, power washing and rodents like mice or muskrats. To avoid these types of problems, we recommend inflating and deflating products while they are on tarps, not rocky or rough surfaces. Under no circumstances should you power wash these products because that causes micro holes that can leak over time. To avoid rodent problems, the products must remain fully inflated at all times. Under-inflated products provide opportunities for muskrats to chew on the products and create holes. This is especially common when products are left on the water in late summer as the lake temperature cools and so do the products. To avoid issues with mice, ensure that you clean and dry all items and store in a warm area within an enclosed box or container when not in use.


We also have many products made from standard PVC and we do not provide in-house repair of such products. We do not repair boat towables/tubes, kayaks or pool floats made from standard PVC. We do offer Tear-Aid patches (item 20100) that can be used for such products if they are not for leaks on a seam which cannot be repaired.

We do not repair items with this logo on them:


Items with this logo on them are more than 10 years old and we will refuse any such products that come in for repair. We will also refuse to repair products with more than 10 holes or products that have not been cleaned and dried prior to arriving at our facility. If it has zebra mussels, barnacles, algae, water, sand, dirt, mice or any other critters, please do not send. It will be refused and returned or destroyed at your cost.

We will attempt to repair items with this logo on them:


When attempting to repair a product with this logo on it, please try to take a picture of the serial number patch near the valve:

This picture provides us with necessary information to assist you in getting the proper repair. We would also like to have pictures of the problems you have discovered and the entire product inflated if possible. There may be cases where this information helps us understand when a product cannot be repaired and save us both time, money and effort in handling the problem.

All products requesting warranty consideration must also include proof of purchase unless purchased from RAVE Sports directly.

Process for sending product in for repair or warranty inspection:

  1. Take pictures of the problem and the entire unit to be sent in for repair, clearly showing what you believe are the problems to be repaired (if you can identify the problem).
  2. Take a picture of the logo and the serial number as shown above.
  3. Send the pictures and an explanation of what you perceive as the issues to be fixed to cs@ravesports.com along with your proof of purchase that shows the price paid, date and location of purchase. (Unless you bought directly from RAVE Sports, in which case we have it on file). Include your name, address and phone number where you can be reached.
  4. Once you have sent the proper documentation, you will be contacted by Customer Service to provide you with a Repair Authorization Order Number looking something like ORD123456. If you have sent in all the information and have not been contacted, please contact Customer Service at 651-255-4806 to follow up on your email.
  5. Customer Service will provide you with the Repair Authorization Number and take your credit card for the inspection and disposal fees as well as a quote for the repair itself according to the fee schedule below.
  6. Once you have the Repair Authorization Number, attach it on to the product inside a shipping box and write it on the outside of the box you are sending it in.
  7. Place your clean, dry product in an appropriate box labeled with the Repair Authorization Number and ship it to:

RAVE Sports Repairs
985 Aldrin Drive, #301
Eagan, MN 55121

              Products dropped off without a box will be charged a $40 box fee.

  1. All shipping costs from your location to RAVE Sports are your responsibility. In the event that the product is deemed to be a warranty, RAVE Sports will pay for return shipment. If it is deemed as a non-warranty repair, then you will be charged the return shipment and repair costs prior to the return of the product.
  2. If the product can be repaired, you will be notified when it is completed and charged for any fees and return shipment prior to shipment. Once the repair is complete and you have been notified, you will have two weeks to arrange shipment/pickup or we reserve the right to destroy the product without refund of any prior fees received. RAVE Sports DOES NOT store products on behalf of customers once repaired.
  3. If the product cannot be repaired, you will be given two weeks to arrange return shipment/pickup or the product will be destroyed unless other arrangements have been made. If you choose to pick up or ship the un-repaired product back, you will not be charged a disposal fee, but you will still be charged the inspection fee.

Fee Schedule for Warranties:

  1. In the event that a product is deemed a warranty, no charges will be applied for repairs and the repaired product will be returned to the customer with RAVE Sports paying the return shipment. The customer is still responsible for costs associated with getting the product to RAVE for repair.
  2. If the product in not repairable, any fees associated with replacement will be done based on a 9-year depreciation schedule. In the first year, there will be no fee for a replacement. After one year, the customer will be charged 1/9th of the retail price of the product to receive a new product. In the 4th year, the customer will be charged 4/9th of the retail price, etc. Conversely, if a customer is given a refund, they will be refunded the amount of the retail price less the amount that has been depreciated. So after 5 years, the customer could be refunded 4/9th of the retail price which represents the assumed value of the product life remaining. RAVE Sports will pay for return shipment.

Fee Schedule for Repairs:

  1. A Repair Authorization Number will only be assigned after customer pays a $50 inspection fee and a $50 disposal fee. These fees will be deducted from any repair fees for products that can be repaired. If an unrepairable product is picked up or shipped back to the customer at the owner’s expense within two weeks of notification of its unrepairable status, the disposal fee will be refunded.
  2. For Trampolines and Bongo Bouncers 15 feet in diameter and above, there will be a $175 repair fee plus return shipment. This is only for PVC patches, not handles or other repairs needed. The advance inspection fee and disposal fees will be deducted from this amount. Customer will only be charged a total of $175 plus shipping. Larger commercial items will need to be quoted prior to being issued a Repair Authorization.
  3. For Trampolines and Bongo Bouncers less than 15 feet in diameter, the repair fee is $150 plus shipping less up-front inspection and disposal fees.
  4. Additional fees for non-PVC related repairs like handles, anchor points, strapping and others will involve additional labor and material charges of up to $50/handle, anchor point or strapping issues. RAVE will communicate any additional charges via email prior to making any non-PVC related repairs.
  5. Once the repairs have been completed and the customer has been notified of its completion, the customer will have two weeks to make payment and arrange shipping/pickup or RAVE Sports reserves the right to destroy the product and consider it abandoned property.

Please note that there is no guarantee for rapid repairs, especially between April and July. The best time for repairs is at the end of the summer when you take them out of the water. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 651-255-4806.