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SKU: 02737

Aqua Poise Pool Yoga - Exercise Mat

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Aqua Poise Inflatable Water Mat


*84.75 x 37x 6” inflated

*Made from high quality reinforced PVC

*2 Carry Handles

*2 Anchor connectors for anchoring on bottom of pool or to use with with aqua carabiner clips connect right to the lane lines in pools

*Under 2 minutes to inflate

*Holds Up to 250 lbs

*Resistance Band Holder included for stretches (excercise bands not included) 

*Slip resistant full size yoga deck pad


*Side Handles for easy on-boarding

*Lightweight (under 15 lbs)

*Great for limited Storage

*Beautiful blue & white Mandala Design

*Use for Yoga H20 Classes, Crossfit H20 Classes, Pool Balance Activities/Rehab, Swim Learning Base

*Stable and engages more core than ground yoga

*Full pool can hold 15-19 person class

*1/2 pool can hold 8-10 person class


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Aqua Poise Pool Mat
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UPC 695742027370
Ground Only No
Setup Time 2-5 minutes
Required Water Depth 4'
Number of Users 1
Inflatable Size 10'
Product Weight 15 lbs deflated
Included Anchor points for lane lines or pool/lake bottom. Stretch Band Holders
Length Long
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 25 lbs

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Aqua Poise Inflatable Water Mat for Yoga, Crossfit, Rehad, Learn to Swim and More.