7 Easy Tricks For Beginners - Wakeboarding Tips

  1. Riding Switch/ Surface 180/ Switchingwakeboard girl

This maneuver switches your leading foot to the back and riding goofy footed (or regular if you’re goofy footed). It may feel unnatural but a must do to get comfortable. Slow the boat down, Cut out your heels, add weight to your heels, pull your back hip up to the handle, start to spin (look toward the opposite shoreline).

  1. Heel side Wake To Wake

Shorten your rope about 5 feet. Cut out wide. Begin a progressive edge. Stand tall at the wake. Push down on the handle. As you land, bend your knees.

  1. Heel side Grabheelside-wake-board

Geta little air and grab the board. Don’t grab the board too soon. Make sure to jump first. When you’re in the air bring the board up to you (don’t bring your chest down). Try grabbing the wakeboard. Or start with simply tapping your binding and work your way down.

  1. Toe side Wake Jumptoe side wakeboard

Heel side tricks are easier but let’s get comfortable with toe side also. Put extra weight on your front foot. Put the handle at your hip. Stand Tall on the take off.

  1. Toeside 180

This is a result of trick #4. Extra weight on front foot. Put the handle by your hip. Stand tall on the take off. Once you’re in the air start to spin. Pull your back hip up to the handle.

  1. Switch wake jump

Mirror your regular wake jumps, and keep working on them regularly. Start close to the wake. Put your shoulders parallel to the board (not open). If you can get enough air, turn so the board faces the opposite way.

  1. Switch 180/ Half Cab

½ of a 360. Get up in the air first. When in the air, pull back hip to handle take hand off look to shore and bend your knees.

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