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  • Foam Water Mat Vs. RAVE's Whoosh

    The Big Test: Water Whoosh vs. Foam Water Mat

    Don’t take our word for it --- see what our “expert” testers (i.e., a group of kids we took to the lake) found out when we had them test a foam water mat versus the Water Whoosh. We challenged them to put a foam water mat and a Water Whoosh in the water and play on it, without our assistance or direction. Here are our observations:

    • Storage and transportation: When we loaded up the vehicle for the trip, the foam mat took up the entire hauling area in the SUV, but the Water Whoosh, which rolls up like a sleeping bag, left room for coolers, duffel bags, and the other stuff that the kids took with them.
    Whoosh folds up to fit in compact spaces Whoosh folds up to fit in compact spaces
    • Set-up: When we got to the lake, the Water Whoosh was inflated in a few minutes and the kids carried it down to the lake shore easily, while the others with foam mat duty struggled with the weight and bulkiness of the foam mat.
    Comes in 10', 15' and 20' options Comes in 10', 15' and 20' options
    • Installation: The kids assigned to the foam mat had difficulties with the ends of the foam mat curling up, while the Water Whoosh kids plopped the anchors in the water and were playing, sliding, jumping, and swimming. Once installed, the Water Whoosh held up to their weight and rough-and-tumble use. They even convinced the family dog to join in the fun.
    Holds up to 2000 lbs Holds up to 2000 lbs

    This confirms what a recent customer told us too: “The kids love it. It can hold several kids at once and it basically turns into a slip and slide with a little water on it.”

    See comparison video here:  Foam Mat Vs. Whoosh 

  • RAVE Sports Paddle Board 101 for Women: Will I Fall Off?

    SUP for Women: Answers to Your Questions

    Ask any women who has been stand up paddle boarding (SUP) for a while, and she will likely tell you that the sport has many benefits. She will say that SUP is a simple and versatile form of exercise that strengthens core muscles and improves balance, that it is a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors, and that it is a fun new sport to explore and master.

    However, before the first time they took to the water, many women who paddle board today also had questions that may have prevented them from trying the sport. If you find yourself in that situation, here are some answers to the most common questions we hear:

    I don’t want to fall into the water. Is it difficult to balance? If I fall, how will I get back on the board?

    While it may be clique to say this, it’s true --- stand up paddle boarding is much easier than it looks. It helps to start out in shallow water and kneel in your knees for a while to get the feel of the board before standing up and paddling into deep water. Go at a pace that is comfortable for your skill level and keep your focus up and ahead of you, instead of down on your feet. Falling off the board happens less often than most expect, but if it happens, so what? That’s part of the fun and adventurous spirit of SUP. And getting back on your SUP after falling in is also easier than imagined.

    paddle, bag, life vest, transport, license (some states) paddle, bag, life vest, transport, license (some states)

    What equipment do I need and how expensive is it?

    Like any sport, there is a wide range of prices, but unless you plan to get into elite SUP racing, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most boards priced between $700 and $900 will provide the quality in equipment for what most recreational paddlers need. In addition to the board, all you need is a paddle and a life vest if that is required by your state.                                

    What is the fitness benefit?  I don’t want to waste my time.

    SUP is a real workout! You will be burning calories and strengthening your core, but also engaging your whole body while your toes, feet, legs, back, shoulders, arms, and neck work together. Whether you are paddling hard or simply balancing in place, your body is working on balance, strength, and endurance. One of the best things about SUP is that it can be enjoyed by a versatile range of people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

  • Water 101: From Splashing to Skiing, Water Tips for Kids and Parents

    Tips for Making Your Kids Into Water Sports Rock Stars

    Learning water basics Learning water basics

    Water sports can be intimidating for young children, but with a few basic teaching techniques parents can help them overcome their anxiety and fears. Successfully introducing kids to water sports at a young age will help them become comfortable around the water and enjoy water sports for the rest of their lives.

    • Start with family fun time together in a safe environment: Simply splashing around, jumping in and out of the water, and getting acquainted with the water is a great way to start. Utilizing a stable platform such as a dock, floating mat, or water bouncer in shallow water is a good way for parents to introduce young children to the water and help them feel comfortable. Always have children wear a life vest that fits properly for their comfort and safety.
    • O-Zone XL Bouncer O-Zone XL Bouncer
    • Introduce paddle sports: Youth who are familiar with swimming and the water are ready to take on a new challenge with paddle sports such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Parents should familiarize their children to paddle sports by inviting them to ride along with them, and then when the child is ready, allow them to try it themselves under supervision. As their confidence and skills grow, it is amazing how quickly most kids want to explore the water on their own.
    • Safety PFDs Safety PFDs
    • Move into boating sports: Similarly, present young children to tubing, water skiing, and wake boarding in a gradual manner. Many adults make the mistake of driving the boat too fast for young children --- for instance, for a child less than 50 pounds, suggested towboat speed for a beginner using a water ski trainer is only 10 mph and then when the skier is standing up on two skis, drivers should go only 13 mph. For tubing, drive in a gently curving pattern at 10-15 mph and keep the tube within the boat wake. As with all water sports for all ages, excessive speed is likely to cause injuries, but with children learning to enjoy water sports extreme speed will cause anxiety.
    • Wakeboard Starter Package Wakeboard Starter Package
  • RAVE Sports Annouces All NEW 2017 Stand Up Paddle Boards!

    2017 SUPs 2017 SUPs

    RAVE Sports Introduces New Stand Up Paddle Boards for 2017 Season
    Additional SUPs provide comprehensive SUP options for all abilities and price ranges

    St. Paul, Minnesota, 2017 --- RAVE Sports, the premier leader in water recreation products, has introduced additional stand up paddle boards (SUPs) to offer a complete spectrum of SUPs for all abilities and price ranges. New for 2017 are:

    3-IN-1 SUP

    Provides options for standing, kneeling, or sitting, this unique SUP has it all for kids and families. Built of sturdy molded plastic in two bright color options, the 3-IN-1 is extremely rugged and versatile.


    Bamboo Soft Top SUP:

    For beginners and intermediate paddlers, the Bamboo features a lightweight foam core covered with a textured cushioned top with a life-like bamboo graphic. This distinctive board provides ultimate comfort and value pricing.


    Shoreline SUP:

    With a traditional SUP hull combined with fiberglass construction modeled after our best-selling Cruiser SUP series, the Shoreline offers the best of both worlds. Available in Sea Coral, Caribbean Blue, and Plum Wine colors.


    Impact PCX SUP:

    Designed to withstand rugged use, the Impact PCX SUP provides ultimate durability and impact resistance, yet is lightweight for young paddlers to handle. Available in matte or gloss finish.


    Cruiser SUP:

    Formerly the Lake Cruiser, RAVE Sports has added new colors to its most popular SUP collection. Now also available in orange/blue in the 11’6” series and in red/blue in the 10’6” series.

    These new SUPs round out the RAVE Sports SUP line which also includes inflatables (Outback™ & Nomad™), the Core CrossFit™ Yoga SUP (two colors), Chevron™ and Flight™ soft top SUP, Cruisers (10’6” and 11’6” in multiple colors), Touring speed SUP (11’6” in three colors and 12’6” in three colors), and the Expedition racing SUP (performance SUP in two sizes/colors). In total, RAVE now offers 30 total SUP choices, as well as a large variety of value priced paddles for beginners to expert racers and other accessories for a complete paddle boarding adventure. Photos available upon request.

    ABOUT RAVE SPORTS®: RAVE Sports makes water fun! Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, we are the premier supplier of inflatable water recreation products and other high-quality water sports products including trampolines and bouncers, commercial camp and resort water parks, boat towables, stand up paddle boards, water skis and wake boards, pool floats, and boating accessories. For more information, visit


    SHREDZ Steerable Snow Sled SHREDZ Steerable Snow Sled

    With the snow falling, hit the hills with comfort and control this winter on the all new, inflatable SHREDZ Sled! This unique inflatable sled allows riders to steer themselves as they speed downhill thanks to our innovative, first of its kind steering technology.

    SHREDZ Sled Front SHREDZ Sled Front

    The underside runners allow for faster descents, exceptional tracking, and extra durability on a variety of snow conditions. The U-Drive design utilizes the main runner to carve a path downhill as the rider pivots the front of the sled with their legs. As an inflatable, the SHREDZ Sled offers a smooth, cushioned ride keeping the rider comfortable while they cruise downhill.

    SHREDZ Sled Back SHREDZ Sled Back

    With the SHREDZ Sled’s lightweight design and convenient front tow rope, climbing back uphill is an effortless breeze. Portable, easy to inflate, and made of cold resistant PVC material, the SHREDZ Sled is the perfect pick for fun this winter.

    Downhill Fun Downhill Fun
  • RAVE's Backyard Ice Rinks

    All Ice Rinks All Ice Rinks

    December, 2016 – When the mercury drops and it’s time to get out of the water, RAVE Sports still provides plenty of outdoor excitement through our incredible line-up of Inflatable ice rinks. New this season we are proud to present three exciting additions to our winter catalog; the 10 x 13’ Ice Rink, it's larger brother the 15 x 24' Ice Rink and our best seller the 10 x 20' EZ Set Ice Rink 200! Each rink is tool free and easy to assemble, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the ice. Check them out below to see which size will fit your needs best!

    • 12' Oval Ice Rink 12' Oval Ice Rink

      12’ Oval Ice Rink – Our smallest Ice Rink that started us out in the backyard ice rink business. It's perfect as a portable backyard ice rink for bringing beginners to the ice for the first time. Easy to inflate and set up, this Ice Rink is a simple way to turn your backyard into a skating haven. Provides 12 ft of oval space, enough for up to two children to skate for hours of fun. Keep in mind this skating rink is meant for one year use. Shop Now >>

    • EZ Set 200 IceRink EZ Set 200 IceRink

      EZ Set Ice Rink – Our most popular Ice Rink! The EZ Set Ice Rink is 10 ft. x 20 ft. in length and features 8” high side walls with unique support brackets (patent pending) that allow for quick, easy set up that can be pivoted down to allow for open, edgeless ice preventing accidents and damage to the support walls. With the high walls and spacious setup, the EZ Set Ice Rink allows for up to 5 inches of slope over 10 feet, perfect if your backyard isn’t quite level. Shop Now >>

    • 10x13 inflatable Rink 10x13 inflatable Rink

      10’ x 13’ Ice Rink – Great for hockey practice or other recreational skating, our 10 ft  x 13 ft Ice Rink is large enough for two skaters to square off in a game of one on one or practice improving their skating skills with plenty of space. Simply inflate the walls. Flood. freeze. flood. freeze. skate your heart out! Keep in mind, this rink is for one year use. Shop Now >>

    • 15x24 Ice Rink 15x24 Ice Rink

      15’ X 24’ Ice Rink – Expand your fun with our largest Ice Rink yet! The 15 ft x 24 ft Ice Rink is spacious enough for up to five users to have hours of excitement this winter. With easy steps for setup, your backyard will be filled with fun in no time. This skating rink is the larger version of the 10 x 13' and meant for one year use. It's easy to inflate, flood and wait to freeze! Shop Now >>

    All of our Ice Rinks are constructed of extremely temperature tolerant cold crack PVC; our ice rinks are tough and durable, capable of withstanding even the coldest of winters. For extra fun, attach or set up shooting tarps, nets, or side boards. (Additional items not included) Make your backyard the most visited this winter!

  • Top Christmas Gift Ideas to RAVE About

    Top Gift Guide for Everyone from Extreme Water Sports to Lounging Relaxation.

    RAVE Sports Top Gifts 2017 RAVE Sports Top Gifts 2017

    As holiday wish lists grow, there’s nothing better than finding that perfect gift for someone special. Whether your water season is short or you're lucky enough to have swimming weather year round, this is the perfect time to check out our exciting online selection of trampolines, bouncers, stand up paddle boards, towables, pool floats, skis; the list goes on! There’s something for everyone here at RAVE Sports, whether you’re taking the next step into building your own water trampoline park, looking for new ways to paddle around the water, or finding a fresh way to float and relax, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve gathered a list of our top products perfect for gift giving or sharing with the family.

    Bongo 10’ Water Bouncer

    Bongo 10 Bouncer Bongo 10 Bouncer

    Make this holiday a splash with a wonderful water bouncer for the kids! Bouncers make a great gift for the kids to play on all day. The Bongo 10’ Bouncer provides a fun jump surface for 2-3 children to bounce, laugh and play all day on the water. Its simple design is easy to set up and take down. Kids are sure to love having their own Bongo to bounce on! Shop all Bongos/Bouncers >>

    Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 Water Trampoline

    Aqua Jump 150 Water Trampoline Aqua Jump 150 Water Trampoline

    For a little more extreme fun on the water, the Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 offers a large 15 ft. spring enhanced jump surface which allows for higher jumps and bouncing. With our unique, patented design, the Aqua Jump Eclipse is a snap to assemble and in no time you will have endless days of fun out on the water. Perfect for everyone from rowdy teens to a party of toddlers. And if the trampoline isn’t enough, we offer attachments such as the Aqua Launch, Aqua Log, and Aqua Slide which all attach to form a complete waterpark for even more excitement! Shop all Water Trampolines >>

    O-Zone XL Water Bouncer

    O-Zone XL bouncer O-Zone XL bouncer

    Let the little ones join in the fun with an O-Zone XL, featuring a low-profile, easy to use boarding platform that allows young children easy access to a sprawling 9’ jump surface that will put a smile on any child’s face. The O-Zone XL Plus comes with a super slick slide to add even more excitement to the mix! Shop all O-Zone Water Bouncers >>

    Splash Zone 16’ Water Park

    Splash Zone 16' Splash Zone 16'

    If the O-Zone isn’t quite big enough and you’re looking for an even more exciting experience, the Splash Zone 16’ may be just what you’re looking for. Providing an all inclusive waterpark feel, the Splash Zone 16’ comes with a massive 16’ bouncer along with an attachable slide, log, and boarding platform that will bring the whole family together for fun times out on the water. Recommended for children ages 6+, this waterpark is a perfect fit for every child plenty of friends. Shop all Splash Zones >>

    Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Boards

    Cruiser SUPs Cruiser SUPs

    If you’re looking to explore on the water, our line of Cruiser Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) is an amazing way to relax and soak in the sun or get a core workout. Friendly to all experience levels, the Cruiser’s design provides and incredibly stable platform while still allowing riders to glide through the water with ease. Available in a wide variety of colors (2 new colors for 2017!), this Stand Up Paddleboard also comes in two separate sizes making it perfect to mix and match for the whole family. Shop all SUPs >>

    Glide PolyCarbon SUP Paddle

    Glide SUP Paddle Glide SUP Paddle

    Along with our quality SUP boards we have paddles designed for all types of riders. The Glide PolyCarbon Paddle stands out as a great all-around paddle that is comfortable, adjustable, high quality and weighs only 4 lbs. Let everyone in the family enjoy the open water with this competitively priced, perfect fit paddle. Shop all SUP Paddles >>

    LED Glow Tube 

    LED Glow Tube Glow Tube

    When the sun goes down, do you pack up for the day? No way! With our new Glow Tube, you won’t have to let the fun stop when the sun begins to set. Perfect for pools, the innovative Glow Tube features five colors that glow bright or transition colors with a strobe effect to keep the fun going all night long. A perfect gift for those waterborne night owls!  Shop all Pool Floats >>

    Water Whoosh Aqua Air Mat

    10' Water Whoosh Aqua Air Mat 10' Water Whoosh Aqua Air Mat

    Walk on water with our endlessly fun, extremely durable Water Whoosh inflatable air mat. The Water Whoosh 10 ft is a fun, easy to use floating surface that can be bounced on, ran across, or even used as a slip n' slide surface in the water. Capable of holding up to eight children, the Water Whoosh can also be transported with ease, folding down small enough to fit under a pontoon seat to always have it at hand. Comes with a pump to inflate anywhere in just minutes! Shop all Water Whoosh Air Mats >>

    Pure Combo Adult Water Skis

    Pure Combo Water Skis Pure Combo Water Skis

    If you’re looking for a gift more oriented to high speed thrill seekers, we’ve got the perfect thing! The Pure Combo Water Skis are great all around skis for any style of riding. The skis come equipped with soft, comfortable bindings that remain stiff for ultimate ankle support. Shop all Skis >>

    Jr. Wakeboard Starter Kit

    Wakeboard Starter Package Wakeboard Starter Package

    For a gift idea for someone who wants to give wakeboarding a try, our Jr. Wakeboard Starter Kit will have them up and smiling in no time. The wakeboard is incredibly durable and extremely forgiving for new riders, and with the included easy to use Aqua Buddy Trainer, beginners will be confident with the stability of this sitting platform to help get up and stay up their first try.  Shop all Wakeboards >>

    Iceberg 7’ Climbing Mountain

    Iceberg Climb Mountain Iceberg Climb Mountain

    If you’re looking for an exciting challenge for the whole family, the Iceberg 7’ is just the right thing! This 7’ tall mountain of fun features dozens of unique handle positions to climb all over and a super slick slide that brings fast thrills. The Iceberg is a perfect combination of fun and fitness, add an extra challenge by having the kids play King of the Mountain! Shop all Large Water Fun & Games >>

    Floating Ahh-Qua Bar

    Floating Ahh Qua Bar Floating Ahh Qua Bar

    If you’d rather sit back and relax while soaking up conversation in the sun, the Ahh-Qua Bar allows you and up to three other friends to do just that. Perfect for parties, the Ahh-Qua Bar is a great way to relax in the water. Take a seat after a long day of swimming, sit back, and enjoy a refreshing drink at the Ahh-Qua Bar. Shop all Pool Floats >>

    Serenity Pool Float

    Serenity Pool Float Serenity Pool Float

    For an even more relaxed approach to the pool or shoreline, the Serenity Pool Float is a great fit for those who just want to lie around and soak up the sun. Designed to cushion your whole body while still allowing water to flow around you, the Serenity Pool Float is like a cloud on water and a perfect place to spend every afternoon. Shop all Pool Floats >>

    EZ Set Backyard Ice Rink

    EZ Set Ice Rink EZ Set Ice Rink

    If you’d rather not wait until the snow stops falling and the frost melts away, the EZ Set Ice Rink will turn your backyard into the most visited this winter. Perfect for any hockey players or inline skaters, the EZ Set Ice Rink is expansive and easy to set up. With its unique side support brackets, the Ice Rink is a snap to put together and can have its side walls laid down to prevent trips and falls while in use. Flood. Freeze. Flood. Freeze. Skate! Shop all Ice Rinks >>

    SHREDZ Snow Sled

    SHREDZ Steerable Snow Sled SHREDZ Steerable Snow Sled


    Or if they want to hit the hills for the exhilarating thrill of sledding, the all new SHREDZ Sled is an innovative inflatable snow sled with super slick runners and a U-shaped design for easy steering and safety. Light weight and easy to take anywhere, your children will be having a blast steering themselves around on an insanely fun SHREDZ Sled! Shop all Winter Sports >>


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    No matter what gifts you choose to get your friends or family, you will no doubt find satisfaction in the high quality and exceptional products of RAVE Sports. Our dedication to fun motivates us to continually strive for better and more innovative recreational products. This Christmas, put a smile on someone’s face by giving them the gift of happiness through one of our many wonderful and exciting products. We guarantee you’ll be smiling for years to come with our promise of providing only the best products for watersports fun and excitement. Pick your favorite gift now in time for the holidays!

    At RAVE Sports, we’ve been pioneers in the watersports industry for decades. We’ve been at the forefront of the industry by being the first company to develop water based trampolines and bouncers and continue our progress by developing new and exciting products. We are proud to provide our customers high quality, long lasting watersports equipment that is instantly recognizable and highly regarded. With decades of experience in the industry, we promise to provide only the best and most exciting products to our customers, and as our catalog grows, we continue to provide more innovative and fresh new products for both consumer and commercial use.

  • 2017 - A Yoga Studio on the Water

    5 Reasons to Try800x200

    Five Reasons to Try SUP Yoga

    Imagine performing downward-facing dog pose by pressing evenly through your hands and feet, lifting your sitting bones skyward, relaxing your neck and extending your spine, and looking back between your ankles. But what you see is not a routine yoga studio wall, but the sparkly blue water of a calm lake or ocean bay. Waves gently rock your floating “studio” so you shift your weight slightly to steady your balance. Your breathing is calm and deep, yet your muscles feel awake. As you feel the warmth of sunshine on your skin and hear water birds in the distance, you realize you are connecting to nature in a way that you don’t in the yoga studio. You feel more relaxed than you’ve felt in a long time.

    Core Crossfit Yoga SUP Poses Core Crossfit Yoga SUP Poses

    Being able to practice yoga in the outdoors and deeply connect with nature and the universe is one of the main reasons yogis enjoy stand-up paddleboard yoga. The word “yoga” is Sanskrit for “union” or “connection”, so SUP yoga is one way to truly experience the connection that yoga intends. Using the water as your studio means you are literally leaving the stress and pressures of life behind on land to find a union with the outdoors.

    Core Crossfit Yoga Stretch Core Crossfit Yoga Stretch

    A second reason to try SUP yoga is that it has serious fitness benefits. Because your mat is a floating epoxy 10- to 12-foot paddleboard that rocks with the waves, it really fires up core muscles and strengthens muscles that aren’t used in land-based yoga poses. Even the basic plank pose becomes more challenging on a SUP because your core and arms are also working to maintain balance on a tipsy surface.

    Yoga on the Water Yoga on the Water

    Refining your technique is another benefit of SUP yoga. Trying to stay balanced on your SUP not only requires additional strength, but also additional focus on technique. The slip of a foot while transitioning between poses can cause the board to tip, so SUP yogis learn to focus on micro-movements and constantly adjust their weight distribution while focusing their eyes on a focal point such as the shoreline on the horizon.

    Yoga Headstand Yoga Headstand

    A fourth reason is to let go of your fear and feel empowered. The possibility of falling in the water makes SUP yoga a unique challenge, so overcoming that fear is inspiring. Many SUP yogis say that letting go of that fear rejuvenates and emboldens them and the thrill of that achievement adds to the yoga experience.

    Empowered by Yoga Empowered by Yoga

    Finally, perhaps the best reason to try SUP yoga is that it is just plain fun! Being on a floating “studio” means you must give up some control of your environment, allow yourself to let go, and just enjoy the present moment. And if you do fall in, make it a chance to laugh, climb back on the board, and try again.

    SUP Yoga SUP Yoga

    Convinced to try SUP yoga? Whether you live near the ocean, a lake, or a river, many SUP yoga classes are available and can be easily found online. RAVE Sports ® also recently introduced SUP boards specifically engineered for yoga and other cross-training fitness activities.

    The new Core CrossfitTM SUP offers a hybrid of stability and performance for paddlers of all abilities for an optimal challenge of focus, balance, fitness, and core strength. Engineered and designed in the USA with a slightly wider-than-usual foam deck the size of a standard yoga mat, the Core CrossfitTM also features unique magnetic paddle wraps to hold your paddle securely cradles during your yoga routine. SHOP NOW >>

    Sunset Crossfit Sunset Crossfit

    RAVE's NEW Aqua Poise Pool Mat is perfect for any pool setting for all ages. Not only is it great for pool yoga, use it for pool Crossfit, pool balance activities, rehab, swim learning base or just a stableplatform. The Aqua Poise is *84.75 x 37x 6” inflated holding up to 250lbs. Made from high quality reinforced PVC, lightweight and has 2 Carry Handles for easy transport . The Aqua Poise also features 2 anchor connectors for anchoring on bottom of pool or to use with with aqua carabiner clips connect right to the lane lines in pools. SHOP NOW >>

    Aqua Poise Pool Mat Aqua Poise Pool Mat
  • RAVE’s Fall Cleaning, Storage and Repair Best Practices and Tips.


    Fall is the best time to take care of your RAVE Trampolines and Bouncers. 

    As the summer season comes to a close, it is important to take your RAVE products out of the water before it gets cold. As the water cools, your products may shrink and that makes them susceptible to small bites from muskrats and other animals. This is also the best time to make repairs and prepare all your RAVE products for storage.

    Cleaning and Storage of Your RAVE Reinforced Product

    We recommend these steps on the Proline Commercial Grade Reinforced products including the Aqua Jump water trampolines, Bongo water platforms, Attachments, Icebergs, Water Whooshes, and other products that feature heavy duty materials.



    3.     Clean your inflatable completely with a mild soap and fresh water or a citrus based cleaner. It is easy to do while the products are still in the water (using biodegradable soap) or inflated on shore on a grassy area or tarp that can keep them clean.

    4.     Clean any grime, scuffs, chalking, oil, soot, oxidation, bird droppings, and other stains without damaging the vinyl using Aurora’s Speed Clean.  It is biodegradable and can be used (in moderation) to clean trampolines while in the water.

    5.     Using a brush or sponge to clean off the tubes with Speed Clean can be helpful for heavy duty stains.

    (For 15’ or 20’ trampolines, keep inflated and clean exposed top of trampoline in shallow water then deflate 50%, fold the tube on the top of the other half and turn the tube upside down. Re-inflate again and clean the bottom of the tube that is now on the top of the water. Use your dock if applicable to fold the trampoline. This makes it easier to deflate the tube and pull each end up on the dock and fold it up. Use a towel to dry while folding. Fold and roll it into your storage unit.)

    6.     Rinse off the grime and Speed Clean, then move to a clean, dry surface and dry off the products while they are still inflated.

    7.     Prep your products for next season with Aurora’s Poly Guard. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are very hard on inflatables. For best results, you will want to apply the Poly Guard and allow to dry before removing the coating. A second coat can help protect it even more. To maximize the life of your reinforced product, store it out of the sun whenever possible. Poly Guard provides UV protection to help reduce fading. We offer a Speed Clean/Poly Guard package for your convenience.

    8.     Once the product has been prepped and is dry, remove all air from the tube using the deflation port of the RAVE High Speed Inflator/Deflator. Take care not to drag your inflatables which may create small cuts or holes in the vinyl. Carefully inspect it for punctures or worn areas in the jump surface, deterioration of stitching or stretched springs, missing safety pads, or a sagging jump surface. Leaks can be detected by spraying the tube with mild soapy water and then watching for areas that create bubbles. If a leak is discovered or if any springs or pads are defective, these items should be repaired or replaced.

    9.     Dry thoroughly: Make sure your inflatable is completely dry to eliminate mold and corrosion during winter storage.

    10.  Store in a cool, dry location. Big plastic containers or storage bags are good choices. Do not store product directly on concrete surface as this can damage the PVC. Place mothballs around stored inflatable to keep mice and insects away as needed.

    Inspection & Repair

    11.  If your trampoline requires repair, repair patch kits including glue and simple instructions can be purchased on our website for minor holes or tears. Large holes, tears or seam failures can be repaired by our repair experts at our warehouse. Schedule a repair at (1-800-659-0790).

    12.  The fall season is the ideal time of year to send us your trampoline that needs repairs to avoid the usual spring backlog.

    13.  Inspect the ladder, anchor harness ropes, slides, connectors, swivels, and other accessories. Check for fraying or deterioration of ropes and corrosion of any metal parts.

    14.  Again, this is an ideal time of year to order necessary parts.

    Watch this video for more on repairing your RAVE image

  • RAVE's Water Whoosh Vs. Traditional Foam Mat


    RAVE Sports, inventor of the water trampoline, offers the ideal inflatable mat for water fun with none of the drawbacks or hassles of a traditional foam mat.  The RAVE Sports Water Whoosh is made of the same heavy duty reinforced PVC material used on water trampolines with a special commercial grade drop stitch technology to allow for extra rigidity.  No longer do you have to carry a giant foam mat, try unsuccessfully to unroll it or struggle with it rolling up on your kids.  The Water Whoosh inflates in just a few minutes and can be stored easily when not inflated.  Stronger and more durable than foam mats, the Water Whoosh can hold a lot more weight and stays rigid while using it as a swim platform, slip and slide or when you just feel like lounging.  The Water Whoosh is easier to keep clean than a foam mat and doesn’t absorb mold or algae.  You never have to worry about foam pieces breaking off or maneuver around it when you keep it on your boat.  Just deflate it and stick it under a seat.  Choose a 10’, 15’ or 20’ Water Whoosh and start having fun on the water today!

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