New For Summer 2024

Introducing the New RAVE Sports Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 Boat Towable Tubes 

Get ready for a thrilling boating adventure with the new RAVE Sports Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 Boat Towable Tubes. Designed to deliver unmatched excitement and enjoyment, these tubes are a must-have for boating enthusiasts and are available in both 2-person and 3-person styles. The Hyper Series’ innovative features and unparalleled performance make them the ultimate choice for a top-notch day on the water with your friends and family. 

These new boat towable tubes are packed with features that boost performance, comfort, and durability. With a uniquely shaped base for cutting through the waves and skimming across the water, the Hyper series will perform like no other. The couch-style seating and EVA seat pad provide comfortable and secure seating, and their durable nylon covers, heavy-duty stitching, and robust PVC bladders promise reliable durability. You can rest easy knowing that the Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 can withstand even the most challenging waves and tubing conditions. 

For those in search of adrenaline-pumping fun, the Hyper towable tubes promise to deliver. Their unique design allows for thrilling turns, offering an adrenaline-infused experience. Regardless of your water sports expertise level, the Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 will provide thrills, comfort, and durability. 

Offering Performance, Comfort and Durability 

The Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 boat towable tubes redefine standards. They offer a host of features and benefits that set them apart from their competition. The two-person and three-person versions both stand out due to their strong construction. Manufactured with high-grade materials for long-lasting performance, whether you are racing through waves or enjoying a slow ride, these tubes are up for the challenge. 

Other notable features of the Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 include comfortable seating and secure grip handles. The ergonomic design and cushioned seating ensure a comfortable ride, while the secure grip handles with EVA foam knuckle guards provide additional safety and stability. The Hyper 2 and Hyper 3 are also easy to set up and store. Their easy-inflate and deflate design means you will have your tube ready for fun in no time. 

For those moments when riders need to climb aboard the tube from deep water, we have added a heavy-duty boarding strap conveniently located near the front of the tube for quick and easy grabbing. 

Convenient Set-Up and Storage 

Our unique Quick-Connect tow point caters to the demands of intense water activities, by making attaching your tow rope as easy as it can be. Simply thread the loop of your tow rope through the hole in the tow point and wrap it around the “T”.  The Hyper series also features the industry’s highest standard one-way inflation valve which means air goes in during inflation, and not out. When it is time to deflate and store, simply unscrew the lid and inflate from the top.   

Experience the apex of towable tube performance with the new RAVE Sports Hyper 2 and Hyper 3. Their sturdy construction, comfortable seating, and easy setup make these boat towable tubes the perfect companion for your next boating adventure. 

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