What is the Aqua Launch?

The word “launch” is a verb meaning “to set a boat in motion by pushing it or allowing it to roll into the water” or “to start or set in motion”. That tells you what it does, but what is it? Otherwise known as a “blob”, the Aqua Launch is a squishy, partially inflated rectangular bag constructed of the same heavy-duty PVC that is used to manufacture our water trampolines.

And why would you want one? It is a challenge to your balancing skills. It is an easy means to double the fun of your water trampoline. And it is a guaranteed way to create laughs, splashes, entertainment, and your best social media video ever!

After inflating it partially according to the Owner’s Manual instructions, the Aqua Launch is attached to one of four sizes of our best-selling products: Aqua Jump 150 or 200 water trampoline or a Bongo Bouncer 15 or 20. After that, follow these steps to become an expert Aqua Launcher:

  • Positioning: Ensure that the Aqua Launch is properly inflated according to our included directions and securely attached to the water trampoline with the straps attached to the Aqua Launch. Make sure the straps are tight and the safety apron is in place, and that the area around the trampoline and launch are clear of obstacles and other individuals. The water trampoline should be anchored in at least 10’ of water to avoid hitting the lake bottom when launched into the water.
  • Preparation: The Launchee (i.e., the person being launched) should shimmy out to the end of the Aqua Launch and get into position seated in the middle of the Launch Zone graphic. The Launchee should sit with their feet out towards the water.
  • Communication: The Launcher (i.e., the person initiating the launch) should be positioned on top of the water trampoline and communicate with the Launchee to confirm that they are ready.
  • Execution: The Launcher then jumps from the Aqua Jump or Bongo Bouncer directly onto the Jump Zone graphic of the Aqua Launch. This person should aim to land accurately in the target area for best results. The impact of the Launcher’s jump will cause the Launchee positioned on the Launch Zone to fly into the air and down into the water, creating a large splash.
  • Safety: Before initiating another launch with another Launchee, ensure that the first Launchee has cleared the area. Always prioritize safety first and follow guidelines and recommendations for the best equipment performance.

Other pro tips:

  • For optimal launching, the physics of the Aqua Launch work best when the Launchee is smaller and lighter than the Launcher. For example, an adult or older teen launching a smaller kid works great.
  • Be patient and keep practicing. It takes some coordination to prevent sliding off the end of the launch as well as jumping onto the Jump Zone. But this is the fun part … and the funny part.
  • Warning: Adding an Aqua Launch to your water trampoline is sure to cause spectators on the shore or going past on boats to stop and watch, so be prepared to entertain a crowd!

Add an Aqua Launch to Your Waterfront