Big Easy Towable Wins “Innovative Product of the Year”

New Boat Towable from RAVE Sports Receives “Innovative Product of the Year” Leadership Award from Water Sports Industry Association

Big Easy™ boat towable’s innovative dual design offers unique seat orientation for thrilling rides and inventive cooler console and cup holders for lounging

EAGAN, MN --- RAVE Sports announced today that it recently received the coveted Water Sports Industry Association’s (WSIA) “Innovative Product of the Year” Leadership Award for its new Big Easy boat towable. The WSIA’s annual Leadership Awards recognize industry leaders that have pushed the towed water sports marketplace to new heights during the past year. The Innovative Product of the Year category awards are given to manufacturers that have produced new products having innovative distinction from other products currently manufactured in the towed water sports industry.

The Big Easy boat tube’s innovative dual design provides two facing couch-style seats for comfortable, yet thrilling, rides behind a power boat or pontoon, plus an inventive cooler console and four cup holders for lounging next to an anchored boat, near a beach, or in a cove. “It’s a pioneering concept for the water sports industry that combines big, thrilling rides with easy, relaxing lounge time all in one product,” said Tom Plante, Director, Product Development. “The Big Easy is the perfect answer for today’s water sports lifestyle for those who want both adrenaline-pumped rides and tailgating type social time on the water,” he said.

A large boat towable at 85” x 100” x 29” (inflated) and weighing 60 pounds, the Big Easy is designed for towing 2-4 adults (max user weight 680 lbs). Constructed of durable, heavy-duty materials, it also features two large Neoprene seat pads for comfort and eight deluxe foam-filled handles with Neoprene knuckle guards. It is also designed to be easy to inflate / deflate with a standard recessed Boston Valve, as well as to easily connect to a tow rope with the company’s Quick-Connect tow point system with triple reinforced stitching.

“We are thrilled to announce this WSIA award especially because we are celebrating our 25th year in business,” said Steve Friswold, General Manager, “and this award is our industry’s confirmation of innovation beyond our well-known blue-and-yellow inflatable water trampolines. Over the years we have been expanding our innovation into the broader water sports market, and this WSIA award is proof of that effort.”

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