How much do you really know about wakeboarding? Take this quiz to see!

Wakeboarding is an awesome sport, not just for the sport itself, but for the great lingo that riders use. Take this quiz to see how much you really know about wakeboarding:

  1. Wakeboarding is called wakeboarding because the rider goes over wakes on the board. What is a wake? a) waves formed from a tsunami, b) waves created by a boat, c) waves shaped by strong winds, d) waves occurring after a whale is suddenly roused from a deep sleep
  2. Wakeboards usually have a curvature in their shape. This curve is called the: a) ladle, b) spoon, c) rocker, or d) cradle
  3. When the rider and board rotate around on a vertical axis, it is called a: a) spinning wheel, b) spin, c) dizzy lizzy, or d) twist
  4. When a rider takes a bad fall, it is said that he or she: a) stacked, b) wiped out, c) wrecked, or d) all of these because there should be many fun ways to describe a good wipe-out
  5. Which of these is not able to be done on a wakeboard: a) perform a front flip, b) perform tricks with the board on the water the whole time, c) spread both legs apart, d) ride with your right foot forward
  6. Wakeboarding originated in New Zealand but was originally called: a) skurfing, b) surfskiing, c) wakesurfing, or d) ruakaking
  7. The term used to refer to a rider taking their turn on the water is: a) taking a jolt, b) taking a vigil, c) taking a trail, or d) taking a set
  8. Tricks performed with the rider’s body extended back with the board above their head, yet not inverted, are called: a) upside down tricks, b) beach-gazer tricks, c) Raley-based tricks, or d) stoked-up tricks
  9. When a rider does a spin and lifts the handle over their head instead of passing the handle, it’s said he or she did a: a) cowboy, b) over under, c) Ole Miss, or d) Ole’
  10. What does it mean when the rider “stomped” a landing? a) landed the trick in a smooth and clean manner, b) slammed the board down hard on the water surface and wiped out, c) performed the trick with unique choreography-like actions, or d) dragged their butt on the water in the landing

Answers: 1. B, 2. C, 3. B, 4. D, 5. C, 6. A, 7. D, 8. C, 9. D, 10. A

How’d you do? If you answered more than seven correctly, we’d say you “popped” the quiz! But if you only got three correct, then you did a “digger”.

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