PVC Repairs

How to repair the PVC material of your RAVE Aqua Jump, Bongo, or Aqua Mat

On land, completely inflate your product on a smooth, hard surface that is clean and free of any sharp abrasive items that could damage the tube. Cover with a thin layer of soapy water. Identify areas where bubbles form which indicate leaking air. Using a black or dark-colored pencil, mark the area(s) where the leak(s) are found. Be sure to inspect the entire tube or mat for small holes. If there are any areas of concern, place your hand over the area to feel for small holes that are allowing air to escape.

After marking all holes, completely deflate the product. If you previously applied any temporary patches (such with a Tear-Aid patch), remove those patches.
Clean the area around the hole(s) with basic rubbing alcohol and clean the patch material you will be using with the same method. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Cut a circular patch from the repair kit material that will be at least 1” larger than the hole in the tube or mat all the way around the damaged area. Make sure to cut the patch in a circular or rectangular shape with no sharp edges. This will prevent the patch from catching an edge and peeling off.

Your patch material will have a shiny side and a dull side. Lay the patch dull side down on a surface that is separate from your product, such as on a piece of cardboard. Apply a smooth, thin coat of glue to the shiny side of the patch, ensuring that the glue covers the entire surface and beyond the edges. Let it sit until it gets tacky. Under normal circumstances, this should take approximately 30-60 seconds. Please keep in mind that temperature will affect the time, so the cooler it is, the longer it will take and the warmer it is, it will take a shorter time.
Gently pick up the patch material and apply the glue-side down over the hole. Use your fingertips and slowly rub from the center outwards, trying to rub out any possible air bubbles trapped within the patch. Ensure a tight seal by using a straight edge of a smooth plastic tool such as a plastic putty knife or old credit card to rub the patch firmly to the tube, also starting at the center and working your way outward. If you happen to have some excess glue bleeding out of the edge of the patch, remove it by using the edge of your applicator or a towel.
Set a flat, heavy object on top of the entire patch and let sit for 24 hours before inflating.
NOTE: Make sure the heavy object has no sharp edges on it to ensure no additional damage.

After setting for 24 hours, remove the heavy object and feel around the edges of the patch to ensure all edges have been completely sealed. If you find a small area not completely sealed, carefully slide some glue inside the opening with a small applicator such as a cotton tip applicator or toothpick. Let dry for a minute or two and firmly run down with the smooth plastic tool used previously.


Looking for more guidance with repairing your RAVE Sports water trampoline, water bouncer, or floating mat? Click here to see the video we put together to help guide you through the process!

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