Safety First - Boat Tube Safety Tips for Summer Fun!

Our mission is to provide our customers with products that will create unforgettable memories. We want you to have an exhilarating experience on the water! However, ensuring your safety is of utmost importance, so we have compiled a list of five essential tips and reminders for an exciting summer of tubing:

    When you're enjoying your time on the water, it's essential to prioritize safety with a reliable life jacket. Whether you're tubing, water skiing, swimming, fishing, or simply taking a peaceful ride on the pontoon, unexpected accidents can occur. Ensuring that both you and those who join you on the water are equipped with well-fitted life jackets can truly make a difference and potentially save lives.

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    We understand that reading instructions may not always be the most exciting task. However, it is crucial! Properly inflating your boat tube is not only essential for its performance, but it is also vital for safety reasons. Keep in mind that temperature fluctuations caused by the scorching sun or cool water can affect the tube's pressure. An under-inflated tube may sit too low in the water, resulting in excessive drag and the potential for damage. On the other hand, an over-inflated tube can be excessively bouncy, leading to an unpleasant ride for the rider(s).

    Be sure to use a tow rope that's specifically rated for the number of riders for your boat towable tube. It's absolutely crucial that the rope is in top-notch condition, free from any signs of wear and tear, knots, or sun damage. And remember, as fun as it may seem, don't pull multiple tubes at once or have skiers / wakeboarders pulled next to a tube as injuries may occur.

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    Laws and regulations are in place for a reason - to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone enjoying recreational activities. It's important to be fully aware of and comply with both state and local laws to create a harmonious and secure environment. From life jacket laws that promote water safety, to wake rules that protect shorelines, to quiet hour restrictions that preserve the tranquility of the surroundings, there are numerous aspects to be mindful of when venturing out on the water. By adhering to these regulations, we can all contribute to a responsible and enjoyable recreational experience.

    And finally, we want to remind you that the boat driver must prioritize the safety of the riders. It is also important to have a spotter on board who can immediately alert the driver in the event that a rider falls off the tube or should anything else not go as planned. And as a friendly reminder, keep your speed under 20 mph.

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If you're looking for more safety tips while boat tubing, click here to watch the Water Sports Industry Association's inflatables safety video. The WSIA is the towed water sports industry's leading advocate, known for preserving the vitality of water sports activities through safety/education, risk management, events, and advocacy. RAVE Sports is proud to be a contributing member of the USA-based Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA). We design and label our innovative products to adhere to the latest WSIA safety standards. We encourage our customers to be safe and follow proper precautions when using our boat towable tubes

WSIA - Water Sports Industry Association