Top Ten Ways to Use the Aqua Dock

Our inflatable floating Aqua Dock is the ultimate in water sports versatility. It's fun for all ages and can be used in a variety of different ways. Based on feedback from our employees who have field tested and used the Aqua Dock at their lake cabins, we've compiled this Top Ten list. Let us know if you have other creative ways to use the Aqua Dock too!

  1. Swim Platform: Cool off during a hot day at the lake by sliding, splashing, and swimming off the Aqua Dock. Simply inflate and anchor, and the family is ready for a great day at the lake. The more energetic ones who want to slip and slide can use the center runway to run, slide, , and those who want to hang out will appreciate the comfy corner foam pads. The Aqua Dock is rigid enough to hold up to 1800 pounds without sinking, curling, or ripping, so the family can easily jump off and climb back on over and over again.

  2. Sun Raft: Float the Aqua Dock out to a sunny spot along your lakeshore, anchor it, and R-E-L-A-X. Bring your favorite towel and sunscreen and get ready to enjoy the calm of gently rocking with the waves. With two stainless steel anchor points, the Aqua Dock is easy to secure.

  3. Floatilla Party Barge: If the boat feels a bit cramped while having fun at a sandbar or floating in the middle of the lake, inflate the Aqua Dock and connect it to the back of your boat with a mooring line tied to one or two of the conveniently located eight D-rings.

  4. Shoreline Sunset Happy Hour: After the kids have monopolized the Aqua Dock for swimming and water play all day long, it's time for the adults to claim their fun. The Aqua Dock is rigid enough for the adults to stay dry on camp chairs aboard it, and your cooler will stay put on a corner foam pad secured with a rope or bungee cord attached to two D-rings. 

  5. Doggy Swim Platform: If your dog swims, the low profile of the Aqua Dock is easy for them to climb aboard with a little support from you pushing up on their hind legs. Constructed of durable, thick PVC, the Aqua Dock is not easily punctured by dog nails, so by all means encourage your doggy family members to enjoy the water fun.

  6. Fishing Platform: Want to cast into the weeds next to your shoreline for a monster bass? Anchor the Aqua Dock off the shoreline with your fishing gear aboard, stand up and cast away. (Just be careful your fishing hooks don't get snagged on it!)

  7. Boat & Dock Work Platform: Problem --- sometimes performing maintenance or cleaning a boat, dock, or boat lift can be difficult if you need to work in deep water or with tools that might get dropped into the lake. Solution --- keep your tools and cleaning supplies safe and dry on the Aqua Dock.

  8. Turn Land Games into Water Games: Use your creativity to play catch with a football, add a ring toss game, fling frisbees, and more, from the shore or dock to those on the Aqua Dock, and back and forth. This fun is literally only limited by your imagination.

  9. Lakeshore Grand Central: If your cabin is always the one where friends and neighbors congregate, the Aqua Dock extends your lakeshore activity to that everyone has somewhere to go. Hint: you might want to tell the kids when they can have the Aqua Dock, and when the adults are taking over!

  10. Water Ski and Wakeboard Take-Off: If deep water starts are intimidating for anyone in the family who wants to water ski or wakeboard, have them start by sitting on the edge of the Aqua Dock. When they are ready and tell the boat driver to pull ahead gently, all they have to do is stand up instead of being dragged through the water like in a traditional deep water start.

Boys spending time on RAVE Sports Aqua Dock foating mat

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