Ultimate List of Water Trampoline Games

Bouncing, jumping, tumbling, and splashing into the water are obvious things that children and young-at-heart adults enjoy doing on a water trampoline. But after hours of these activities, sometimes a little imagination is needed to go one step further to extend the fun. Here’s our ultimate list of water trampoline games to get your creativity sparked, but the fun is really only limited to your imagination!

Hot Potato: With a minimum of three players on the trampoline, all players must be jumping at all times. One player starts by throwing a ball to another player, who must catch it and throw it quickly to another player. When a player drops the ball, fails to catch it, or stops jumping to catch the ball, they are out. The last one still jumping without dropping the ball is the winner.

Trampoline Telephone: Also for a minimum of three players. All players line up around the edge of the trampoline. One player starts by going to the center of the trampoline and doing a trick, such as a one-legged bounce, a bottom drop, or a knee drop. The next child must then repeat that trick and then add a new trick of their own. The third person then performs those two tricks, and adds their own trick, and so on. The game continues until a player does not remember the sequence of tricks correctly and is out. The last player to perform all tricks in the correct sequence is the winner.

Marco Polo: For at least three players. One player sits in the middle of the trampoline with their eyes closed. The other players quietly spread out on the trampoline and sit still. The center person counts to ten out loud, then stands up with their eyes still closed and tries to tag other players. If the center person who is “it” yells out “Marco”, the other players must reply with “Polo”. When the center person touches another player, that person becomes “it” and moves to the center of the trampoline, and the game continues. An option of this game for older children is to allow players to move on and off the trampoline into the surrounding water.

Mom / Dad / Grandma / Grandpa Says: For this version of “Simon Says”, put the kids on the water trampoline while Mom or Dad or other adult supervisor stays on shore (preferably in a comfortable lawn chair with a cold drink!). The adult shouts a variety of instructions, such as “Dad says jump high!” and the kids have to jump as high as they can, or “Grandma says jump on one leg!” and the kids have to jump on one leg. Occasionally, the adult gives a command without preceding it with “Dad says” or “Mom says”, and the players must not follow the command. Any player who still performs the command is out.

Attack the Castle: This game needs a minimum of four players. Divide all players into two equal teams and put one team in the water with balls and the other team on the trampoline to defend the “castle”. The team in the water throws the balls into the castle as fast as they can, while the defenders on the trampoline have to swat the balls away. When a ball touches the trampoline’s jump mat surface, the outside team gets one point. The castle is defeated when the outsiders reach a predetermined number of points.

Crack the Egg: With a minimum of three players, have one child be the “egg” by sitting in the middle of the trampoline with their legs crossed and knees close to their chest. The other players jump and bounce to make the “egg” let go of their legs.

Slithering Snake: The first player places a jump rope across the surface of the water trampoline and moves it back and forth to make it slither. The other players try to jump over the jump rope without touching the “snake”. When someone gets “bitten” by the snake, they become the player to move the jump rope.

Follow the Leader: Great for younger children. Players take turns being the leader and perform a trick that the other players have to copy, such as a seat drop, knee drop, jump three times, or anything they can imagine.

Survivor: Create endurance contests to see who can, for instance, do the most seat drops in a row, or a pattern of bounce, seat drop, bounce, seat drop, or any other jumping contest. This game becomes more fun when the other players and spectators count out as loudly as they can.

As you can see, playing games on your water trampoline will extend the fun and offer opportunities for endless creativity. Just be sure that all participants always wear a life vest and are supervised by a competent adult for safety, then let the games begin!

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