Water Skiing Celebrates 100 Years!

According to sportsengine.com, water skiing was developed in 1922 when Ralph Samuelson utilized a couple of boards as skis and a clothesline as a towrope on Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota. He tried different things with various positions on the skis for a few days until 2 July 1922. Samuelson found that inclining in reverse in the water with ski tips up and jabbing out of the water at the tip was the ideal technique. His sibling Ben towed him, and they achieved a speed of 20 mph. Samuelson went through 15 years performing shows and training water skiing to individuals in the United States.Raplph Samuelson Water Ski Originator

We’ve come a long way since Samuelson in 1922. But many of the basics remain the same. Lean back, tips up! Instead of boards, we construct our water skis of fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcements for the optimal lightweight, flexible (yet strong) materials.

At a more beginner level, we’ve made it easier for kids to learn with a couple nifty tools such as the removable stabilizer bar keeping your toe tips together in front of you until you’re ready to remove it.

For adults from beginner to intermediate, we’ve altered the stance to be a bit wider with the Rhyme Water Skis to make it easier to balance with the wider surface area.

Our best selling Pure Combo Water Skis have been designed with a center ridge and deeper edge channels for stability during deep water starts and control and responsiveness while cutting over wakes and through waves.

For the advanced crowd, we offer the Carve Slalom Ski that’s concave, wide bottom makes edge changes effortless and provides a stable start out of the water.

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