Tips on Inflating a RAVE Sports Water Trampoline or Bongo Bouncer

Inflating your RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline or Bongo Bouncer is quick and easy with the right equipment. We get many questions about the easiest and best way to inflate these products, with the most often question being whether or not an air compressor should be used. The answer? No. Why? Let’s explain …

The large round empty tubes in a water trampoline require a large amount of air volume at a low pressure (only 2.5 psi). In contrast, air compressors work best for high pressure items such as car tires which are inflated to between 30 and 35 psi. If an air compressor is used to inflate a water trampoline tube, it will take a long time and potentially create a situation where the tube is suddenly over-inflated. If the tube becomes over-inflated, at best, it may be damaged beyond repair, and at worst, it may rupture and potentially cause injury to anyone nearby.

We designed the RAVE Sports High-Speed Inflator / Deflator to provide quick and easy inflation at a lower, safer pressure. It will max out at 3.0 psi to prevent the safety hazards of over-inflation as well as becoming over heated. And at the end of the season, simply move the hose from the “inflate” side of the pump to the opposite “deflate” side to suck out the air from the tube entirely. This deflation feature makes it so much easier to then fold up your Aqua Jump Eclipse and store it safely for the next season.

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