Which Water Trampoline is Right for You?

RAVE Sports has a water trampoline or water bouncer that is perfect for your budget, lakefront and lifestyle. Choosing a water trampoline or bouncer should be determined by three main questions: How many (most common) users? What ages are they? How often will they be using it? The range is vast from two toddlers bouncing three times a year to six teenage boys jumping aggressively everyday all summer. Learn below about our unique styles and jump on the water trampoline bandwagon today!

Ozone water bouncer

The O-Zone and O-Zone XL are the perfect starter bouncers for families with young children. Made with heavy gauge, unsupported PVC, they hold 1-3 users and have a smaller jump surface. We consider this the most economical way to put a bouncing swim platform on the water. If you are entertaining a few young kids sporadically throughout the summer, the O-Zone is probably all you need! Suggested max weight 300 lbs. Click here to shop O-Zones>>.

Splash Zone Water Trampoline

The Splash Zone Plus 12' and 16' are the ideal package for families looking to maximize fun for their children and tweens. The 16' can accommodate up to 5 children. Both sizes, which are made with heavy duty polyester reinforced vinyl, include a slide and log and boarding platform. The Splash Zones were created as a more residential water bouncer assuming less use than the commercial reinforced PVC Aqua Jumps and Bongos. Still offering a RAVING amount of fun, the Splash Zone is perfect for active tweens and/or families lounging on weekends throughout the summer! Click here to shop Splash Zones>>


Bongo water bouncer

The Bongo Bouncer is the ideal for heavier use compared to the O-Zones or Splash Zones. They are easy to set-up and take down, have a weight capacity of 500 - 1500 lbs. and offer 4 sizes (10 ft, 13 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft). They have no springs so they are lightweight and portable. Because they are springless, they offer a larger jump surface but sacrifice some bounce compared to the Aqua Jump Eclipse. Bongos are built for heavy use with the same commercial-grade reinforced PVC material as the Aqua Jump water trampolines. Depending how many kids will be on it most often should determine the size you choose. For example, for two kids jumping every other day for a whole season, we suggest a Bongo 10. With four kids a little older with the same use, we'd suggest a Bongo 13, and so on. The Bongo Bouncers offer many attachments to keep expanding as family increases in age or size! Click here to shop Bongos>>

The RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline was made for the active lifestyle of teens and adults. If you have a bunch of teenage boys, we suggest an Aqua Jump Eclipse. With springs for added bounce, the largest trampoline can hold up to 1400 lbs. at a time. If your family and friends want to jump the highest and often, we offer three sizes to choose from including 12 ft, 15 ft and 20 ft. Additionally, you can increase the fun by adding any of our attachments (we have 9). Built with commercial grade reinforced PVC material. Click here to shop Aqua Jumps>>


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