Extreme Turbo Chute Water Slide 20' Section

SKU: 02697


  • Wider x2 version of our popular Turbo Chute.
  • This 20 ft slip n' slide is double the width of the original Turbo Chute
  • Race with your friends on this extreme double wide slip 'n slide.
  • The Extreme Turbo Chute Water Slide 20' is a commercial strength slide that features PVC coated nylon inflatable wall barriers, and an extra slippery coated smooth overlapping slide surface
  • Includes four stakes with four stake loops per section.
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The 20' Extreme modular sections make it easy for you to make the Extreme slide as long as you need it. Compact and lightweight for easy set, take down and strage. The Turbo Chute Extreme is a wider version of our popular water slide for two-by-two races!

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Extreme Turbo Chute

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