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May, 2023 --- RAVE Sports is excited to announce a new partnership with Tsunami Sunshine, the world’s leading full-service repair service company for products manufactured from reinforced PVC (also referred to as sealed air inflatables). Based in Melbourne, FL, Tsunami Sunshine has expertise in repairing inflatable yacht slides, paddle boards, giant climbing walls and waterpark obstacle courses … and water trampolines, of course!

Their technicians repair sealed air inflatables every day, all day long, so they have the experience, skills and tools to fix leaks, repair seams, wash and clean sealed air inflatable products, and other general maintenance to keep your water trampolines, bouncers, and commercial water park products as good as (almost) new. Their service offering is an improvement on what we can provide our customers, so therefore, RAVE Sports is no longer offering a repair service at our warehouse location in Eagan, MN. Rather, we are directing customers to contact Tsunami Sunshine to arrange for their repair needs. For more information including their contact information, visit their website here.

Other important product information to care for your RAVE Sports products:

The most common types of air leaks in reinforce PVC products are caused by dragging the products on the ground, power washing and rodents. To avoid these types of problems, we recommend inflating and deflating products while they are on tarps, not rocky or rough surfaces. Under no circumstances should you power wash these products because that causes micro holes that can leak over time. To avoid rodent problems, the products should remain fully inflated at all times when anchored on your lakeshore. Under-inflated products provide opportunities for muskrats to chew on the products and create holes. This is especially common when products are left on the water in late summer as the lake temperature cools and the air inside the inflatable tubes contracts. To avoid issues with mice while your reinforced PVC product is in storage, clean and thoroughly dry all items and store within a fully enclosed box or container when not in use.

Other products such as boat towables and pool floats are manufactured with standard PVC. Small holes can be repaired with Tear-Aid patches (Item 20100 found here). Air leaks on a PVC seam cannot be repaired.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 651-255-1428 or at