Dual Stage Rapid Pump

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  • LIMITED TIME! Buy any Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard and get this pump 1/2 off with code: RAPID at checkout.
  • Easy to use: Auto shut off lets you plug it in and walk away; inflates up to 20 PSI in just minutes
  • Convenient: Long power cord and hose lets you inflate next to your vehicle on land or off the back of your boat
  • No pumping required: No need for hand pumps; save your energy for the water!
  • Versatile: Six different standard adaptors fit a variety of inflatable products
  • Smart 12V electric inflator / deflator with LCD pressure monitor to inflate your RAVE Sports iSUP, Aqua Mat™, or Aqua Dock™ in minutes
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Smart 12V Electric Inflator / Deflator with LCD pressure monitor for inflatable paddle boards, floating water mats and docks. Package includes everything needed to inflate your favorite water recreation products, including: • Rapid Inflator / Deflator with Dual Stage 12VDC (cigarette lighter) plug • Battery clip adaptor cable for alternative connection directly to 12V auto or marine battery • 6 standard adaptors for both inflating and deflating all your inflatable products • Convenient long (54”) inflation hose • 15’ power cord with cord keeper for easy inflation next to vehicle or boat • Dynamic LCD display of PSI, kPg or • Overheat protection

“NOTE:  Inflation/Deflation times may vary based on temperature and other conditions.”


Normal PSI:



RAVE AquaDock 10x10

5 psi

12-13 min

8 min

RAVE AquaMat LTD18

5 psi

8 min

5 min


12 psi

6.5-7 min

4 min

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