Repelin Inflatable Protectant

SKU: 01080


  • Perfectly Clear: No Discoloration of Your Boat
  • Hard, Smooth, Flexible Surface: Won't Rub Off When You Beach Your Boat. Won't Rub Off on Your Skin
  • For Hypalon, PVC, Fiberglass & Aluminum Surfaces
  • Use to Protects Out Board Lower Units: No Galvanic Action. Works in Salt & Fresh Water Conditions Won't Attack Fabrics or Adhesives or Affect Patchability.
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption & Improves Maneuverability. Environment Safe & Biocide Free.
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Whether in the water for a day or all season, protect your Inflatable bottom against attachment of marine growth, dirt, diesel, exhaust soot. Repelin protects against the attachment of algae, barnacles & zebra mussels and prevents Osmosis Blisters. Perfectly clear, hard, smooth, flexible surface. Easy to apply, two coats last all season. Works in salt and fresh water conditions. Won't attack fabrics or adhesives or affect the ability to be patched. 8 oz.
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