Rhyme Combo Water Skis

SKU: 02398

$179.99 $239.99

  • The RAVE Sports Rhyme Combo Water Skis have a wider body shape designed for easier deep-water starts and effortless large curving turns.
  • Extra surface area means less drag and more lift, which also helps bigger skiers get up on plane with less effort.
  • Skiing with the RAVE Sports Rhymes is also easier on your boat, as their larger shape takes less horsepower to get skiers up on their skis.
  • Perfect for beginner skiers, the Rhyme Combo Water Skis feature a slalom toe hold on one ski so skiers can get up on the water and drop a ski to slalom
  • The bindings are adjustable for a perfect fit for most adults and are comfortable and secure.
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