Boat Towable Tube Air Plug (Boston Valve) One-Way Inflation Replacement Screw

SKU: 20732


  • STANDARD: All RAVE Sports Boat Towable Tubes utilize an industry-standard inflation valve (air plug) constructed of high-quality plastic that is strong, corrosion-resistant and durable. 
  • CONVENIENT REPLACEMENT: Otherwise known as a "Boston Valve", this valve is included with our boat towable tubes, but this replacement is available for purchase should it get lost or misplaced. 
  • AIR GOES IN, NOT OUT: The Boston Valve is a one-way inflation valve which means air goes in during inflation and not out. Simply unscrew the lid and inflate from the top, allowing the protective layer inside the valve to prevent air leakage. 
  • EASY DEFLATION: When it's time to deflate, unscrew the entire valve to remove it, and air will flow out quickly.
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