Unimer U-Cleat Mooring Compensator, 10-12mm line

SKU: 70403


  • High Quality: The U-Cleat Mooring Compensator is made of durable EPDM rubber, providing excellent strength and weather and saltwater resistance.
  • U-Cleat Design: The unique U-Cleat design features a removable locking mechanism that allows for fitting without a free end of the line.
  • Flexibility: The U-Cleat can be easily be repositioned after fitting, transferred to another line, or fitted to a line with eye splices or thimbles on both ends. When it’s time to wash your lines, the U-Cleat is easy to remove and refit.
  • Innovative: The U-Cleat lock between line and compensator is designed to give optimal locking effect and prevent line slipping, without affecting the strength or durability of the line.
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