Float Into Fitness.

The AQUA POISE mat is an inflatable floating mat anchored in the pool used for fitness and yoga. It provides a unique workout and will take your fitness and yoga practice further, while having fun and testing your balance!

Aqua Poise Floating Mat

FUN FOR EVERYONE It is accessible no matter your age or fitness level. It can be done sitting, kneeling or standing and the benefits gained are tremendous. It will stimulate your mind, body and smile while floating on an unstable surface with water underfoot.

 Aqua Fitness Classes

YOU WILL GET IN SHAPE It is a full body workout. It incorporates all the key elements of cardio, strength, balance and endurance. Almost every muscle in the body is used at some point including smaller muscles not typically used. It is excellent for cross training.

 From Yoga to Crossfit

ALL ABOUT THE CORE Your core is constantly engaged to steady yourself and maintain balance. This makes it an excellent core workout.

Get in Shape

IMPROVES BALANCE There is no doubt balance is required. Core stability and leg strength are crucial to maintain balance. This focus will translate to your daily life.

 Balance & Core

LOW IMPACT A SUP workout is gentle on the muscles and joints. It helps to strengthen tendons and ligaments. This makes it a valuable tool for rehab.

 Everyone can do it!

REDUCES STRESS/IMPROVES MOOD Water is naturally soothes the body and mind with a relaxing effect. Exercise releases endorphin which helps relieve stress. You will have total focus on every muscle in your body for a mind/body connection. Add in breath work and meditation and you will notice improved mood and reduced stress.

 Advance over time!

IT IS FUN There are no cramped, crowed gym or studios here. If you fall off- it’s easy to get back on. If you get hot- jump in. You will have no choice but to be totally focused on the experience.

Folds Up Like a Sleeping Bag

It’s time-place your inhibitions aside and float your fitness into the New Year!

Interested in getting certified to teach your own aqua fitness classes? Our preferred Enjoy SUP partners train, certify and offer ongoing support to enhance your aqua classes! See here >>

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