10 Reasons You Need an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

There are many obvious perks to inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs), but we’ve condensed the reasons down to our top 10 (saving the best for last!):

1. To travel – Roll it up, put in its provided backpack, and off you go. Cycle or hike to your local or traveled water source and bam! You’re in, swimmingly .

2. To store - If you live in a smaller space or without a garage, a RAVE Sports iSUP is compact enough to fit into its backpack and store in areas smaller than 37” x 20” x 11”. That’s small enough to also store in your car or your boat, by the way.

3. To go adventuring - An inflatable paddle board means you can take paddling with you wherever you go --- to the ocean, to your favorite mountain lake, etc. Plus, if you enjoy paddling on rivers and shallow water lakes, our iSUPs are so durable they will withstand light bumps over rocks and rapids.

5. To get exercise – Paddling on an iSUP is not only great exercise, but it the stress relief of quiet time in nature is a huge benefit. To be in nature … ahhhhh … the cure for many daily problems.

6. To paddle with a child or pup – The large foam deck pad on RAVE Sports iSUPs offers an ample non-slip grip area for both you and a child or your dog. The entire iSUP is constructed of reinforced PVC making it more stable and comfortable. 

7. To help your budget – In general, iSUPs are less expensive than rigid SUPs, which is another reason why iSUPs have become more popular in recent years. They are also easier and less expensive to ship if you are making an online purchase.

8. To get the extras! - RAVE Sports iSUPs include a high pressure hand pump with an air pressure (PSI) gauge, an easy snap on fin, a cargo net for your life jacket and other items, as a comfortable backpack-style carry bag to easily take paddling wherever you go.

9. To get on the water quickly – We've actually timed it --- inflation takes about 10 minutes to inflate an 11 ft iSUP with the included high pressure hand pump to 12 psi (made easy with the built-in psi gauge). If you want even faster inflation, pick up our Rapid Inflator to do the job in under 2 minutes! (Tip: Top off to the final PSI with your hand pump (30 pumps or so)). 

10. To bring paddling everywhere – We’ve saved the best for last! Our iSUPs are so light (weighing 17 – 22 lbs,), they are the lightest on the market making carrying to the lake easy for almost anyone.