How to Set Up a RAVE Sports Water Trampoline

Steps to set up you Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline.


Aqua Jump 150 & Aqua Jump 200s come in 2 boxes. Aqua Jump 120 arrives in 1 box.

1. Carefully open box and unpack the contents; tube, jump surface, springs, ladder, inflator & inflation adaptor, anchor harness, anchor connector kit and spring pad cover, manual and repair kit.

2. Roll out the large tube on a flat surface outside (we suggest on a tarp as close to the water as possible as you'll have to carry it to the water after inflation).

3. Locate the valve (Halkey Roberts valve) and unscrew the cap.

4. Make sure yellow button is closed by turning 1/3 turn clockwise (counter clockwise will leave valve open).

5. Inflate the tube with included inflator to about 85% full.

6. Attach the anchor harness to the 4 anchor points with anchor holder facing down.

7. Attach the ladder to the yellow panel with warning information. Use the caribeener screws at two connection points on the inner tube to connect.

8. Attach the jump surface, starting by rolling it out spread across the tube for easiest spring connection.

9. Attache 2 springs to the jump surface W shape ring and opposite end to separate triangle rings on tube.

10. Continue to add springs. This part is easiest with friends preferably 5 friends!

11. Fill the tube up to 100%. Should be harder than a basketball.

12. Attach the spring pad cover (goes over the springs).

13. Ensure slits in the pad are where you want to put attachments

14. Put both bungee hooks through one triangle ring and attach each to an adjacent triangle.

15. Carry (without dragging) to the water

JUMP JUMP JUMP Away! You're done. Enjoy!

And please note, when putting away your Water Trampoline, mice and rodents love PVC (they will chew holes through it). Put it away in a secure plastic container that you can duct tape closed.

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