Aqua Mat Deluxe 20'

SKU: 02975

$699.99 $899.99

  • For a limited time only, receive a free Dual Stage Rapid Pump with the purchase of any inflatable mat. This offer is automatically added to your cart.
  • MEGA FUN: The RAVE Sports Aqua Mat Deluxe 20’ is an outstanding platform for swimming, lake lounging, tanning, splashing, and playing for up to 14 kids or 8 adults. Very sturdy and firm, you can slip, slide and fall off the rigid 4" thick platform or relax on top and soak in the sun. Attach it to a RAVE Sports Aqua Jump water trampoline or a Bongo bouncer and you will double the fun!
  • QUICKLY INFLATES: The RAVE Sports Aqua Mat Deluxe 20' includes a Dual Action Pump that easily connects to a High-Pressure Valve for ultra-fast inflation. You'll be ready to get into the water in less than 10 minutes! And with super durable anchoring D-rings attached to the bottom, you can tether it to your boat or anchor it near the shore. 
  • SUPER STABLE: When inflated, this floating mat is extremely rigid and stable, supporting up to a whopping 1,500 lbs! Bring a lawn chair, cooler, drinks, and friends because it will support the party all day long. At 20’ long x 5’ wide x 4” thick, the Aqua Mat Deluxe 20' is the perfect size and weighs 59 lbs.
  • DURABLE: Constructed of the highest quality UV resistant high-pressure PVC drop stitch layered material (similar to military and whitewater rafts), this mat won't rip, curl, or sink.
  • CONVENIENT: The included Dual Action Hand Pump also deflates, so it's a quick job at the end of the day. Easily fold and roll up the deflated mat to a size (similar to a sleeping bag) and pop it into your trunk or under a boat seat.
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