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SKU: 02499

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Roof Pads with straps - for car top transport

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See Step By Step how to transport your SUP Board with these Roof Pads here.

Protect your stand up paddle board investment during transport on vehicles that have flat cross bars or no cross bars with these flat 28 inch long SUP Roof Pads. Includes one pair of cinch straps. Simply place on top of your vehicle, then with your SUP board on top and secure with cinch straps.

Each Pad: 28" x 4" x 2" Includes 2 pads and 2 cinch straps 1" x 10" Velcro allow pads to adjust and fasten larger cross bars with different sizes. These pads protect from scuffing on both your vehicle and your SUP board. Our easy designed cinch straps are included to easily strap down and go.

See Step By Step how to transport your SUP Board with these Roof Pads here.

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SUP Board Vehicle Roof Pad

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UPC 695742024997
Gender Male or Female
Details Transport your board with care · Each pad: 28" x 4" x 2" (71cm x 10cm x 5cm) · Velcro wrap allows pad to fasten to roof rack cross bars or lay flat on top of car · Package size: 31" x 6" x 4.5" (79cm x 15cm x 11cm)
Included One pair of cinch straps 10' x 1" (305cm x 2.5cm) · Polyester mesh carry bag with zipper top
Weight (This is the weight used for shipping) 2 lbs

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Protect your SUP during transport on vehicles that don’t have a cross bar, package also includes tie down straps.