What's the Difference Between a Classic Aqua Jump and an Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline?

This is a common question we receive. RAVE’s “Classic” Aqua Jump water trampoline was designed with a heavy, steel bar frame around the perimeter of the tube that attached the base tube to the springs and jump surface. This is the type of design you will see from other competitors in the marketplace currently.

The new patented Eclipse model has removed the heavy steel bar frame completely so that the tube now directly connects to the jump surface with springs.

By eliminating the steel bar frame we have increase the jump surface up to 30%, reduced the weight by 30% and reduced the set-up and take down time by 50%! Now you can have more family fun time and spend less time working on setting up the fun.

RAVE created the Aqua Jump Eclipse water trampoline to respond to consumer demand. Our customers asked us for a lighter weight product that was easier to set-up, take down, and store in the off season since the steel bar frames take up too much room for most user’s homes and cabins. Thus the Eclipse was born.

Traditional steel frame water trampolines can take over an hour just to set-up and take down, even on the smallest models. RAVE’s largest 20’ diameter Eclipse model averages about 30 minutes from start to finish. Our competitors will state that the frameless models suffer in performance. This is a myth. We tested our Classic 15’ model and our Eclipse 15’ model side by side at several camps and resorts for a summer. We found that not only did the kids enjoy the Eclipse model more because of the larger jump surface, but the camp and resort directors preferred it due to the ease of set-up and maintenance and the increase in safety because we removed the steel bar frame.

It is important to note however that water trampolines are not the same as land trampolines. Because of the displacement of water and general physics, water trampolines do not provide the same jump performance as a land trampoline, but offers more fun, enjoyment and relaxation than a traditional hard deck swim platform!

RAVE Sports is the originator of the water trampoline, and we strive for continual improvements in our products to make them of the highest quality, provide the best performance and create the most fun you can have on the water. If you don’t have a RAVE, you don’t have the best.

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